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Nowait Diners are Fully Transitioning to the Yelp App

In March 2017, Nowait joined the Yelp family. The number of restaurants using Yelp Nowait has grown to just over 4,800 as of September 2018. To better serve your needs, the Nowait Guest App is moving to Yelp!

Here’s everything you need to know:

Is the Nowait Guest app going away?

Yes, the Nowait Guest app will be discontinued in early 2019. Over the past two years, the Nowait experience has been integrated into Yelp. You can now use the Yelp App to check restaurant wait times and get in line.

Will I still be able to join waitlists while on the go?

Yes. Everything you did on Nowait you can now do on Yelp! Check out how easy it is to get in line from anywhere:

Will all of the Nowait restaurants be on Yelp?

Yes. Every restaurant in the Nowait Guest app is currently on Yelp as well. It is possible that one of your favorite Nowait restaurants may close or stop using Yelp’s waitlist and, subsequently, be unavailable on Yelp.

How do I find Nowait restaurants on Yelp?

When you open the Yelp mobile app on iOS or Android, you can either:

  1. Use the search bar to search the name of the Nowait restaurant you are interested in, or
  2. Click the Waitlist icon or search the term “waitlist” to see every Nowait restaurant around you along with the live wait times.

Once you click into a business, you’ll see the live wait time and the option to “Join the Waitlist”.

I am a restaurant owner. What does this mean for my restaurant?

Your Nowait Host app will continue to work the same way. All you need to do is update any materials in your restaurant or online that mention the Nowait Guest app and redirect your guests to join the waitlist through your Yelp page.

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A customized widget can be provided to display directly on the homepage of your website. This will educate diners already interested in your restaurant to see live wait times and add themselves to the waitlist via Yelp.

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