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What’s new with Yelp for Business | Oct. 2020

Here’s what’s been keeping us busy: updates for business owners using Yelp, which are available to when you log in to your account. While you’re there, be sure to make any necessary updates to your page to reflect your current operations, offerings, and safety measures.

New Yelp Ads features
New Yelp for Restaurants features 
“Open to All” toolkit

New Yelp Ads features

We recently made improvements to Yelp Ads to help advertisers reach the right potential customers and understand how Yelp is helping them achieve that goal.

Fresh new look for the Ads Dashboard

With the newly redesigned Ads Dashboard, you can easily review important reporting and tracking information, bringing even more transparency into your ad’s performance.

More control of your ad campaign

We’re also rolled out a number of new features to give you even more control of your Yelp Ads campaign, including:

  • Ad Goals: This new feature allows you to choose what type of engagement you want to drive, such as phone calls and website visits. You can also choose to let Yelp optimize for the best ROI.
  • Keyword Targeting: With keyword targeting, you can remove keywords that you don’t want your ad to appear for in Yelp searches. This helps you reach the people who make the most sense for your business and what you offer. For instance, a painter that only does interior paint can ensure their ad doesn’t appear in “exterior painter” searches.
  • Audience Size Estimator: You can now see how your ad settings will impact your potential audience size with the new audience size estimator. A new widget shows you how large your estimated monthly audience will be based on the custom settings you’ve selected. For example, if an advertiser blocks too many keywords, they’ll see a warning message that their expected audience will be “Limited.” The new widget appears during set up and also on the new Ads Dashboard.

One-click restart

Whether you want to “set it and forget it” or you prefer to turn your Yelp Ads campaign on and off throughout the year, the choice and the flexibility is yours. With the new one-click restart feature, your previous advertising settings are automatically saved when you pause, so you can start back up again right where you left off when you’re ready. 

New Yelp for Restaurants features

Restaurants using Yelp Waitlist for table management can keep track of their operations right from their Yelp for Business account, putting seating trends, wait time accuracy, and more analytics at managers’ fingertips. Restaurants with two or more businesses using Waitlist can also view an aggregate report across all their locations.

This new functionality is already live for some restaurants and is coming soon for all Waitlist customers.

“Open to All” toolkit

Many local businesses want to create a more inclusive environment for employees and customers alike, but they often don’t have the resources that larger companies do to access training materials, educate employees, and develop language to share with their customers and employees. 

That’s why we partnered with Open to All to bring local businesses a new toolkit to help them take the next step in creating an inclusive community by upleveling their diversity and inclusion practices. The toolkit includes a 60-minute training video for employees from Ralph Lauren, outreach language for customers and employees, social media assets, and more. 

More than half a million businesses have indicated themselves as Open to All on their Yelp Page, and we invite others to follow the instructions below to do the same and to take the Open to All pledge

How to add “Open to All” to your Yelp Page

  1. Log in to Yelp for Business (Business Information tab)
  2. In the Amenities section, click Add or Edit 
  3. Select Yes next to “Open to All”
  4. Click Save Changes

Looking for other new features and enhancements? Check out our past updates:

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