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New features for Yelp for Business: what you need to know | July 2020

Now more than ever, businesses are going through a lot of changes on a weekly or even daily basis. It’s important to update online info about your operations, your current offerings, and your health and safety protocols so customers know what’s going on.

Many of our recent changes to Yelp for Business were designed to help you more easily communicate those evolving details to consumers. Here are a few of the innovations we’ve recently unveiled for business owners, all of which are available now when you log in to your Yelp for Business account.

Coronavirus updates on your page

We recently added a new area in your Yelp for Business account where you can make many of your Coronavirus-related page updates conveniently in one place. In this section, you can indicate whether you’re currently open or closed, your hours of operation, what you’re currently offering (such as curbside pickup, virtual classes, or outdoor seating), the safety measures you’re taking, and more.

Just log in to Yelp for Business (Business Information tab), and click edit next to Updates during Coronavirus or click Go to COVID-19 updates. You can read more about the updates available in this section in our blog post about free Yelp Page updates to make as you prepare to reopen.

Coronavirus Yelp Business Page updates

Black-owned business attribute

There’s a new attribute in the Amenities section of Yelp Business Pages to indicate that a business is Black-owned. This new attribute is free and opt-in only, as the decision to identify as Black-owned should rest solely with the business. 

This attribute is also searchable, in response to consumer demand for an easy way to find and support Black-owned businesses. 

If you are a Black-owned business and want to add the attribute to your Yelp Page and to appear in “Black-owned” search results, you can opt-in via your Yelp for Business account by following these simple steps:  

  1. Visit Yelp for Business (Business Information tab) on your desktop or mobile browser.
  2. Click Edit next to Known for.
  3. Select Yes beside Black-owned.
  4. Click Save Changes.
Black-owned attribute on Yelp Business Page for Cali Alley

Updated virtual service offerings

In the current environment, more consumers and businesses are exploring virtual services as a way to make connections and get things done since options for in-person interactions are more restricted. Many consumers are turning to Yelp to find these services. We understand that business owners and managers are busier than ever, and to save them a step, we’ve reviewed businesses’ websites to identify those that are offering virtual services and automatically updated the COVID-19 Updates section at the top of their Yelp Pages to reflect those service updates. 

To review and update the information listed within your virtual service offerings—and to update your COVID-19 banner or other business attributes listed on your Yelp Page—go to Yelp for Business (Business Information tab) on your desktop or your mobile browser (or via the Yelp for Business mobile app).

Yelp for Restaurants: new features

Few industries have been forced to adapt as radically as restaurants in the age of Coronavirus. We are working to adapt alongside you—with new opportunities for low-contact dining as well as tools to communicate with customers about your adjusted operations and services.

In addition to the new features mentioned above—which apply to all types of businesses—there are also a handful of features built especially for the needs of restaurants.

Digital menus

An easy way to reduce contact among diners and staff is to use digital menus—no more wiping down laminates or disposable paper copies. Within your Yelp for Business account, you can add a URL that links to a menu on your website. Then your guests can browse your menu from your Yelp Page right on their phones, even before they’re seated.

Restaurants that use Yelp Reservations or Yelp Waitlist can also get scannable QR codes to print out and place on tables for quick and easy digital menu access.

Join the waitlist via QR code

Digital waitlists are another way to meet diner expectations for minimal contact. Yelp Waitlist allows guests to join your waitlist before they even arrive at your door, or if they need to join upon arrival, a new printable poster in your entrance makes it easy for guests to scan a QR code with the camera on their phone to get on the list.

Guest info tracking for contact tracing

Many areas are requiring that restaurants keep track of guest’s contact information in case someone who was in the restaurant tests positive for COVID-19—this helps health officials with contact tracing to help control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Restaurants that use Yelp table management apps can leverage these systems to collect diner contact information for contact tracing. 

For more tips on minimizing contact in your restaurant and Yelp features that can help, check out our blog post: (Re)open for business: tips for low-contact restaurant service.

Looking for other new features and enhancements? Check out our past updates:

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