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How To WOW: Making Your Business More Memorable

How do you keep your customers talking about your business even after they leave? A businesses’ wow factor is not usually based on an incredible product, it’s the attention to detail and customer service that sets them apart. It’s important to be intentional in crafting your customer experience.

The recipe for a wow factor has a lot of familiar ingredients. You’ll need a great staff, inviting atmosphere, and a wonderful product. You’ll find that a lot of businesses have those. What you really need to set yourself apart, is a secret ingredient: a customer service-driven culture.

Strive To Be Different

Excite your customers by doing something creative to catch their attention. The goal is to foster an experience that will stay with them  beyond their initial interaction with you. Captivating your consumers in unique ways is a luxury that large businesses tend to struggle with incorporating. There’s great importance in creating a buzz and a true standout experience for those looking to spend money at your business. For example, Datz, a locally-flavored American restaurant and market in Tampa, has a check in offer  on Yelp for ‘1 free selfie with your server’. This is encouraging both online and realtime engagement. Datz is thinking outside the box and continues to create a culture where consumers are having fun and more importantly, talking about their experience even after they walk out the door.

George Mazreku of G’s Carpet Cleaning knows he provides a great service but says, “ultimately customers are buying into me.” Upon collecting payment for a job, George surprises single moms with a flat rate of $20, regardless of his original quoted price. This is the difference between ‘wow’ and ‘what’s the name of the carpet cleaner I used last time?’

Surprise and Delight

Switching salons can be anxiety inducing for first time clients. Not to mention, it can be intimidating walking into a business alone, where you don’t know a single person. That’s why hair salons like Shear Bliss and Ladies and Gents Spa offer complimentary house margaritas or wine during service. Their goal is to create an inviting atmosphere and work to make clients feel they’re receiving a true spa experience. If you can surpass the expectation a customer makes prior to any interaction, you’ve created a wow moment for them.

Go Above And Beyond

Going the extra mile for your customers means showing you really care. Acknowledging a customer with something as little as a ‘thank you for your business’ goes a long way. A great way to impact the way a customer feels is responding to their reviews, whether they are positive or negative. La Sirene. responds to every single Yelp review and treats the commentary like an active ecosystem of feedback. Inevitably, customers feel not only heard but important.

When a business is taking the time to truly find and fulfill customer needs, that alone is more than the average and ultimately creates a ‘wow’. Give your customers an unforgettable experience and let customer service be your differentiator. From there, customers will not only return, but others will follow suit.

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