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How to set up your photo slideshow on Yelp

How to set up your photo slideshow

Why create a photo slideshow?

It’s no surprise that people searching on Yelp spend almost triple the amount of time on a business page with photos, as opposed to one without. Yelp’s Photo Slideshow allows you to decide the order of the photos as well as keep them rotating so users are constantly being sold on your services, without lifting a finger. The longer they spend on your page, the more likely they are to spend money with your business. 48% of Yelp users are making buying decisions based on the photos they see.* Let your photo slideshow do the selling for you.

Photo Slideshow

Best practices for uploading photos

As a business owner, there is no limit to the number of great photos you can upload to your Yelp page. The more you upload, the more you are letting consumers know about your services – and if they’re on your page in the first place, then information is what they need! Think about what your business brand and voice are; from there, you can cater your photos and captions accordingly. When uploading photos, stay away from grainy, blurry or overly close up photos. You want to provide real photos, not stock images and give users something more than your logo, although I’m sure it’s fabulous! These photos don’t need to be professionally done. Camera phones are like a mini photo studio in your pocket. Check out this guide for more! Think about all the different aspects of your business; staff, decor, exterior, specialties, products / services – show us everything! At least 10 photos is a good starting place but again, the more photos, the better. 

Pick your 3 best diverse pictures and put them as the first photos in the slideshow. Think about which photos will entice consumers the most, maybe that’s your juiciest burger, gorgeous interior, or friendliest staff photo.

You can also use your captions as a way to educate consumers on what you do. Try to have something written on each photo you upload, it can only help you. We know there’s more to your business than meets the eye, so make sure you get your humble brag on and show off what you got!

How to set up your photo slideshow

  1. Go to the Photos & Videos section of Yelp for Business Owners
  2. Click Upload Photos
  3. Select photos to upload to your business page. The image dimensions should be smaller than 5000 x 5000px
  4. Caption your photos
  5. Click sort photos and videos
  6. Select which photo you’d like to be the featured photo which will appear as your centered most prominent photo, see below for example
Photo slideshow example

*Nielsen, 2016

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