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Choosing the right photos to market your business

Freshly landscaped park area
Photo from Liaison Landscapes on Yelp

Photos are a great way to tell a visual story of your business. They allow you to convey a message, a direction, an emotion, and much more. Photos help share your craft so your audience can visualize what you do—and what you could do for them.

Before we get into the tips for choosing a great marketing photo, don’t forget that once you’ve collected all your great photos, you need to share them far and wide: Add them to your Yelp Page, your website, and everywhere you market and promote your business. Displaying photos is crucial because potential buyers will be shopping their options and are naturally drawn to visuals over text.

If you’re a restaurateur or an interior designer, you may not have any trouble coming up with photos, but certain industries are more difficult to photograph. With a little creativity and the natural pride in your work, you can get great pictures that showcase your business and help drive leads, sales, and loyalty. Don’t let the technical aspects of taking photos intimidate you either. It can be as easy as pulling out your phone.

Quality and composition

New water service line from Pink Plumbing & Sewer
Photo from Pink Plumbing & Sewer on Yelp

The first tip is simple: Ensure all your images are high quality. This means they should be large, clear, and well lit. Small or blurry images look unprofessional and make it difficult for customers to understand exactly what they’re looking at. Natural light is always best, but if your work environment is tucked away inside, be sure you turn on all your interior lighting and if necessary, set up a flood light. 

Your pictures should also be well composed. Be sure the subject of your image is centered (or slightly off center, following photography’s rule of thirds) and easy to identify. Keep the frame of the picture parallel with the subject or the space— like along a wall, floor, or fence. Pictures that are uneven or off center look rushed and careless.

Avoid digitally altered images, logos, and collages. Customers want to see a clear and authentic display of your work and business so they can decide if it’s a good match.

Photo subjects

Now on to the focus of your photos. Especially in industries where the work may not be very flashy or glamorous, it’s important to showcase your product and overall business in ways that will attract potential clients. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to think literally about what to photograph. The goal of a photo can be to convey an idea or a message, such as the fact that you’re a trustworthy professional and that people can feel comfortable doing business with you.


Customers want to see what your business specializes in, so photograph a wide variety of your products and services. 

  • Include multiple focuses, depths, and angles—maybe even try a drone. Avoid showing dozens of photos of the same thing.
Birds eye view picture of house roofing from drone
Photo from Portlandia Roofing on Yelp
  • Show off all parts of your business, especially jobs beyond your typical offering that customers may not know about, like radiant (heated) floors in the basement or a bubble window in a new fence (which, in this case, helps the owner’s labradors have a peek at the other side). This highlights your versatility and may also inspire customers to consider an add-on or a new project that they hadn’t considered.
  • Get specific or dive deeper by showing individual details, tools, and techniques as well as overall projects and the big picture.
Photo of Homesense Heating and Cooling from Brian F. on Yelp

Health, safety, and organization

Customers want to feel safe and confident that they’re in the best hands. Emphasize your safety and operational protocols and values.

Full scope of your work

In addition to the satisfying pictures of a finished product, customers appreciate seeing the progress and care you put into your work, so show off the entire process and breadth of what you do.

  • If your work involves transforming something or giving it a new life, before and after pictures are the best way to showcase the magnitude of your work. Potential customers may also relate to the “before” pictures, which will help them imagine using your service for their own transformation project.
  • Share a step-by-step collection of photos—including the planning and blueprint phases—so that customers can see the progression of a job.
  • Show all sizes of projects that you tackle, from small to big.
Photos from Windows and Gutters Cleaning on Yelp

Knowledge, reputation, and achievements

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your company, and by celebrating your growth, learnings, and success, you can attract and gain the trust of new customers.

Photo of Homesense Heating and Cooling from Brian S. on Yelp
  • If you attend trade shows or conferences, show off your booth. This shows your dedication to your craft and your professionalism to prospective clients, your community, and your industry colleagues.
Photo from Construction District on Yelp

What makes you unique

Choose pictures of your specialties and the things that make your business different from the competition. Highlighting these unique elements will also help your customers become more familiar and comfortable with you.

Photo from EZ Flow Plumbing on Yelp
  • Share your unique uniform, painted truck, signs, branded company swag, etc. These types of memories will stay imprinted in the minds of your customers down the line when they are deciding which business to choose.
Piece of Cake Mover
Photo from Piece of Cake Moving & Storage on Yelp
  • Communicate any special interests, like if you’re dedicated to minimizing your environmental footprint or you source materials solely from local vendors.
  • If you have a family business that has been passed down through the generations, show off your loved ones—this shows the pride you have as well as the staying power of your business.
Hansen Family Plumbing family photo
Photo from Hansen Family Plumbing on Yelp

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.

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