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A guide to Yelp Page Upgrades

Photo from Flores Artscape on Yelp

Consumers turn to Yelp when they’re in need. Sometimes it’s just for a cup of coffee or maybe they need someone to get rid of an unwanted pest. Whatever the case may be, when a consumer is exploring Yelp, it’s important to stand out and Page Upgrades can help with that.

Adding Page Upgrades to a standard Yelp Page is like adding rocket fuel to your car: you’re going to get where you want to go faster. Page Upgrades are features that help increase conversion, meaning it helps take someone from simply finding your business to actually choosing your business as the place they spend their money.

Exposure is step one, which can happen through organic search and/or paid exposure through Yelp Ads. Then once consumers find your business, you’ll want your page to showcase the very best your business has to offer. A shining Yelp Page keeps potential customers on your page and helps convert them into paid transactions.

Each Page Upgrade starts as low as $1 a day and can be purchased a la carte or bundled together for greater savings*. This is your guide to all currently available Page Upgrades (and stay tuned—we introduce new features frequently).

Call to Action 

Prominently featured on your page, the Call to Action (CTA) feature makes it easy for consumers to take a secondary action with your business. For example, a gym might have a CTA that reads “1-Week Free Trial – Learn More.” Upon clicking the CTA button, consumers are taken straight to the gym website to fill out a form for a trial pass. You can direct consumers to a specific page of your website or have them call the phone number you specify.

Ultimately, the true value of Call to Action is catching a customer’s eye. If you want your customers to take a specific step or you’d like to drive a specific service, a prominent Call to Action will work to convert those visiting your page.

Removal of competitor ads

The majority of free Yelp Pages have competitor ads in the center of the page. These ads are from similar businesses that advertise on Yelp. Removing the center ads can help keep customers focused on your business.

Photo Slideshow

Slideshow allows you to choose the high-quality photos that are displayed at the top of your page and next to your business in search results. Additionally, you can choose the specific order of your photos. Since consumers regularly add photos to Yelp Pages to share their own experiences, it’s nice to have the control of what potential customers see first. The photos also rotate continuously, creating a dynamic presentation of everything your business has to offer. Ultimately, Slideshow lets you bring your brand to your page and create a customized digital storefront for new and returning customers to see.

Business Highlights

Stand out in search results by using the Business Highlights upgrade. You can choose up to six badges to showcase what makes your business unique, including two badges that will appear in Yelp search results. There are more than 30 highlights to choose from, such as vegan-friendly, satisfaction guaranteed, number of years in business, and more. We’ve seen that a combination of prominent exposure and Business Highlights in search results work well together in helping businesses stand out among the competition. 

Yelp Connect

Yelp Connect is an easy way to get your customers’ attention and share timely and creative updates about your operations. It also allows you to show what you’re offering right now as things change daily. 

The posts that you create will appear on your Yelp Page and reach users who have previously expressed interest in your business via Yelp. New and existing users will automatically find your updates on their Yelp app home screen, as well as in a personalized weekly email.

Logo allows you to upload your company’s logo, and it is displayed on both your Yelp Page as well as in the search bar dropdown. It’s a subtle yet effective way to give your business a more professional look on Yelp. It also helps to build trust, brand awareness, and provide a more established feel to your page.


Give potential customers a virtual walkthrough of your work with Portfolio. Simply upload photos of your work into an album, and add a brief overview of the project, including cost and timeline. This provides a great opportunity to showcase the work you’ve done to a prospective client. This feature is available for select business categories. 

Bonus feature: To take that pitch to the next level, you can also try Nearby Jobs, which allows you to proactively connect with customers in your area who are requesting quotes.

Both of these features are available for select business categories. 

Verified License

Verified License gives prospective customers the confidence to choose your business over another. The verification is indicated by a blue shield with a check mark, making it easier than ever for consumers to make informed purchasing decisions. Knowing a business has a valid trade license is an important factor for consumers when considering which contractor to hire or which daycare is right for their infant. After 30 days of having a Verified License badge on their Yelp Page, businesses saw an increase in consumer engagement, including clicks, calls, and map views. To become verified, a business must apply through Yelp, and moderators manually verify each license. This feature is available for select business categories.

*The Upgrade Package includes Call to Action, removal of competitor ads, Slideshow, Business Highlights, Yelp Connect, Logo, and Portfolio (for select business categories)—saving up to 60% compared to a la carte pricing.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.

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