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5 common mistakes to avoid when setting up your Yelp Page

Car arriving for auto repair service
Photo of Green’s Garage on Yelp

When consumers search on Yelp, they’re looking for a business that can satisfy their needs in a service or product. They’re reviewing different listings, comparing details, and soaking in all the information to help guide their decision. This specifically may include scrolling through photos, reading reviews, learning about the history of the business, and more. 

Not surprisingly, a completed Yelp Page is much more likely to convert a potential consumer—and filling out the basics of your page can be done in just a few minutes. To help make sure your page is in great shape on the first try, check out these common mistakes to avoid.

1. Improper use of services

Services help consumers understand what your business provides, and potential customers use them when searching Yelp to find the business type they’re looking for. First you’ll choose your categories. You can list your business in up to three categories, like Roofing, Solar Installation, and Roof Inspectors. Then you can choose category-specific services to share your specialities.

To start, think about everything you offer. Are you a plumber that also offers handyman services? An auto repair shop that also does upholstery and tinted windows? Each category has a list of relevant services, and you can choose as many services as apply. Providing this info upfront means consumers don’t have to leave your Yelp Page to understand what you can and can’t do. 

To make your first impression as transparent as possible, start simple with your categories. Choose the ones that are most widely appealing and mainstream. Then get more granular when selecting your services. You can get even more specific with niche offerings that may not appear as a category or service by filling out the “From the business” section (more on that below). If you’re struggling to figure out what services fit your business best, look at similar businesses to get some ideas on where you can take your page.

2. Lack of photos and captions

There may be nothing more anti-climactic than discovering a Yelp Page with little to no photos. Photos help build trust and allow people to get to know you and your business—whether it’s a dental office featuring the staff, a contractor’s before and after pics, or a shipping center with an accurate photo of the front of the building. Plus it’s good for business: Having at least one photo averages 128% more phone calls from a business’s Yelp Page (from Yelp internal data).

Don’t forget to also caption your photos. This quick and easy addition informs consumers what they are looking at and gives you an opportunity to specifically describe what you do.

Electrician photo with caption
Photo from Atop All Electric on Yelp

3. No strategy for responding to reviews

Responding to reviews is a critical part of completing any Yelp Page. Think of your reviews as an opportunity to hear valuable feedback about your business that you wouldn’t have otherwise received. Responding to reviews shows both previous and potential consumers that you have excellent customer service. Bonus points: Respond to every review. It’s just as important to pay attention to and engage with what consumers are saying online as it is offline.

4. Not listing accurate operating hours

Outside of what you offer, when you offer it may be the most important piece of information consumers need to know. Many Yelp users also search for businesses that are “open now”—a feature that filters results based on operating hours—so be sure your hours are listed and accurate.

Special hours can be noted as well—an easy step that will save you time and energy. If you’re closed for the season or open a little longer during the holidays, let people know. The same goes if your business is closed on certain days—don’t let people show up, only to find out you’re not open.

5. Empty “From the business” section

To some extent, every business is born from an initial “aha!” moment. A realization, a desire, a light bulb that went off and suddenly your (perhaps crazy) idea was brought to fruition—your unique contribution to the world in the form of a business. You have a story, and it should be told.

Within Yelp’s “From the business” section, there are several areas where you can tell that story: Specialties, History, and Meet the Owner/Manager.

The “Specialties” space is an opportunity to list your unique services and highlight what makes you stand out. The “History” section shares your business’s background and story. The “Meet the Owner or Manager” area is where you let people know how long you’ve been doing this and, more importantly, why you do it. If someone’s first impression of you is your Yelp Page, think about what you want them to learn about you

Each Yelp search starts with a need. Having a completed and accurate listing can take a potential customer from discovery mode into spending mode.

Whether you are claiming your business for the first time or want to give your page a makeover, log into and download the free Yelp for Business app to make on-the-go updates.

The information above is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice and may not be suitable for your circumstances. Unless stated otherwise, references to third-party links, services, or products do not constitute endorsement by Yelp.

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