U-Pick Peach Farms in Georgia

Feeling peachy? Celebrate National Peach Month in the peach state with these U-Pick Peach Farms. Did we say peach enough? Maybe we’re a little fuzzy over our love for the popular fruit!

According to The Columbia State, Georgia harvests 9600 tons of peaches per year, and we’re here to help you get your hands on your very own fresh-picked peaches!

Dickey Farms was established in 1897 by Robert L. Dickey, who personally plowed and cleaned up 30 acres of land to plant his first Elberta peach trees. Since it takes three years for a peach tree to produce, Mr. Dickey had to wait until the summer of 1900 to harvest his first fruit. Today, Mr. Dickey’s grandson, Robert “Mr. Bob” L. Dickey II and great-grandson Robert L. Dickey III, continue to grow, pack, and ship peaches, which makes Dickey Farms the oldest continuously operating packinghouse in the state of Georgia packing the “Sweetest Peaches in the South.”

The Gregg family opened Gregg Farms and began selling peaches to the public in the early 1970’s with their U-Pick-We-Pick model. The orchard has been going strong for well over 40 years. Lisa H on Yelp says, “All the people working are very friendly, and the peaches have to be the best I’ve ever had, so juicy and sweet.”

Gregg Farms has grown by adding many seasonal vegetables and fruits to the original peach stand. Now blueberries, blackberries, nectarines, watermelons, tomatoes, silver queen sweet corn and many varieties of peas are available along with the delicious peaches. Plus, don’t leave without trying their famous peach ice cream!

Pearson Farm peaches can be found regularly during peach season at farmers markets around Atlanta. Yelpers said they enjoyed learning more about the varietals and when they are available during the season. Pearson Farm also sells “experimental peaches,” which are hybrids made from combining existing types of peaches.

From June until early August, Pearson Farm ships their fresh Georgia peaches all over the continental United States.

What started as a strawberry field now yields some of the sweetest peaches in the south! Bring the whole family, because Southern Grace Farms has a large covered porch and two log cabins for sitting in the shade while your kids play on their large playground. The most unique playground in the south, it’s made up almost entirely of recycled, repurposed, or refurbished items, most of which came from the farm. 

Southern Belle Farm is a 200-acre working farm in McDonough, Georgia. The farm started as a dairy farm, but now the historic property yields many types of delicious fruits, including the Georgia staple – peaches!

These farms were as sweet as can be, so we compiled and even greater list of hot spots for Georgia Peaches!