Hand-lettering Mother’s Day Cards with Punkpost

In preparation for Mother’s Day, we invited Yelp employees to attend a hand-lettering class to create a Mother’s Day greeting card framed with flowers and doodles for the moms in their life. All they had to bring were colorful markers, paper, and a hefty dose of creativity. For this event, we partnered with Punkpost, a service that sends beautifully handwritten cards on your behalf. Janie de Guzman, a design director by day and hand-letterer and doodler for Punkpost by night, led the tutorial. 

At Yelp, we‘ve partnered with Punkpost for many years. Most recently we offered all of our employees an opportunity to spread some cheer by sending a Punkpost greeting card to a loved one. Whether they wanted to appreciate their mom, bff, or much missed coworker, we hooked them up with their own personal handwriting artist, who took their typed words and wrote them in an exclusive Yelp greeting card.