Elites experience Cookies & Creamery

Just in time for summer, a hot & new local spot, Cookies and Creamery, has opened their doors with top-notch ice cream and a host of other delicious sweet treats. Kansas City Yelpers were treated to a special, VIP introduction to this spot where they were able to order any ice cream off of the menu to get the full experience.

This family-run business puts on a fully local showcase, including Sylas & Maddy’s ice cream, Cottontale KC Cotton Candy, Shatto Milk, Popculture Gourmet Popcorn, and Mary’s Mountain Cookies. The most popular item among Yelpers was their ice cream cookie sandwiches, which can be customized and mixed and matched.

Yelper Sherelle L. summed it up nicely: “The ice cream is magnificent!! You can make your own cream-which that speaks to your soul vibes that day! I had a chocolate fudge cookie and a Chocolate M&M cookie with a generous amount of “Da Bomb” cream inside (Oreos, cookie dough, chocolate chunks). It was everything!

In addition to the great treats, Yelpers enjoyed visiting with the friendly owner, Kiffany Bosserman. Prior to opening Cookies and Creamery, Kiffany started her cotton candy business, Cottontale KC. She expanded with a mobile Cookies & Creamery ice cream cart before opening the new storefront off of Red Bridge.

Be sure to pencil in a visit to Cookies and Creamery this summer as this strip center grows with local businesses like Barrio, Crow’s Coffee, Wonderscope and more. Check out all the photos and reviews from this Elite Experience here!