Elite Week on Hawaiian Island Time at Loco Ono Sparks

From traditional Hawaiian faves like SPAM musubi, kalbi and katsu plate lunches, to new takes on Island flavors like their salmon belly tacos, and of course, poke perfection (by the pound and build-your-own), you’ll find it at Loco Ono Sparks! As part of our Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration,Daniel Ly, chef and owner, invited 100 Yelp Elites in for an Elite Week so they could experience it all for themselves. 

Elites received a $15 menu credit to order anything they wanted, and with help from family and friends, many took this as an opportunity to explore it all! So many of the reviews mentioned the satisfying saimin deluxe, a Hawaiian noodle soup similar to Japanese ramen which Loco Ono serves with their roast pork, tempura shrimp, and classic fishcake, as well as the mochiko chicken, teriyaki beef, and katsu plate lunches served with two scoop rice and mac salad (of course). All of the food received high praise, and no matter what was ordered, Elites all shouted out the incredibly smooth online ordering process, fast service, and wonderfully friendly staff!

A five star taste of the Hawaiian islands all around and a very appreciative Squad! 

About Daniel Ly:

Daniel is a self taught restaurateur and chef on a mission to share the exciting flavors of Asia and the Pacific Islands with our Reno Sparks community. Daniel got his start creating Poke King, our community’s first build-your-own poke bowl concept. After seeing several similar concepts open, he chose to pivot away from the competition and revamped the concept to offer a fresh take on the traditional, vibrant flavors of the Hawaiian islands. Don’t worry. If you loved their poke, it’s still on the menu too! Daniel is absolutely someone to watch in our food scene, and in the coming years expect to see several more exciting concepts from him too!