Central Jersey cools down with Anderson’s Ice Cream!

Temperatures are high here in Jersey and that means one thing: Ice cream. Ice cream in cups, ice cream in cones and ice cream floats. Yelpers in Central Jersey had the very special *treat* of trying Thai tea ice cream from Anderson’s Ice Cream atop a Thai iced tea they brewed themselves, in their very own kitchens. 
Anderson’s Ice Cream was founded in 2020 by two sisters, Ashleigh & Samantha, passionate about ice cream and doing good. They started their company first as a quarantine hobby and it grew to be a means of raising funds to support social justice initiatives and the small business community suffering from the COVID-19 impact. A simple ice cream blog on Instagram turned into what we now know as Anderson’s Ice Cream! Ash & Sam started off with many Asian-Inspired and unique flavors like black sesame, lychee, matcha, red bean, earl grey, and vietnamese iced coffee. When Yelpers asked what some of their favorites have been (a very important questions) they noted brown sugar and Hong Kong milk tea as some of the standouts. 
Ash & Sam put together Thai Iced Tea Float Kits for Yelpers to purchase for the event. They included nearly everything needed to make the sweet treat at home: Thai tea leaves perfectly portioned out, condensed milk and, of course, a pint of their Thai tea ice cream! The day of the event, we all gathered on Zoom and got to brewin’ and scoopin’. The end result was a beautifully bright orange iced drink with a generous scoop of incredibly delicious ice cream on top. It was so good, we were all asking “Did we really just make this?!” Yes, yes we did. 
While Yelpers sipped their drinks, still amazed at how tasty they were, Anderson’s Ice Cream hosted a trivia game all about the frozen treat! Did you know the oldest scoop shop and ice cream company in the US is in Philly and it takes 12 pound of whole milk to produce 1 gallon of ice cream? Now you do. A few lucky Yelpers won pints of Anderson’s Ice Cream and gift cards to some of Ash & Sam’s favorite Edison businesses!
Thank you Ash & Sam of Anderson’s Ice Cream for a very sweet night! Want to check out what Yelpers had to say about the virtual fun and incredible ice cream? You can find photos and reviews here