An enriching ramen experience with Ijji Noodle House

Did you know chicken feet are one of the secrets to a rich ramen broth? That’s just one of the knowledge bombs dropped by Kurtis Tan, chef/owner of Ijji Noodle House, during in our virtual event this April!

Nearly 200 local Yelp Elites and friends filled our virtual ramenya to learn how Ijji Noodle House came to serve some of the best ramen in our community. Kurtis and his team assembled incredible kits with everything needed to build our very own bowls of Ijji’s signature ramen at home, including a commemorative ramen bowl and spoon to remind us of this shared experience! 

Our ZOOM session was filled with boisterous laughs, bold flavors, beautiful bowls of noodley goodness, expert instruction and heartfelt appreciation for our incredible local business host, who shared their signature hospitality in an entirely new way on this evening! Five star fun all around and you can read all about it here.

Kurtis Tan, Chef/Owner of Ijji Noodle House, and Michael T, Yelp Reno Community Manager

A Message From Kurtis Tan:

“What a experience! Blessed to be able to learn something new last night. Im grateful to be able to work with Michael from Yelp Reno on a virtual ramen cook along event. I was able to share my process of cooking the ramen broth and traveling for food.

Our restaurant customers and Yelp Reno community showed tremendous support last night with over 170 ramen kit been sold! I would have never imagined that we could hold an event with that many customers, but we did. I can’t thank the community and Yelp Reno enough.

I can’t wait for more events in the future, and creating more memories together.”