Yelp’s guide to a perfect picnic in San Diego

The weather in San Diego is perfect for outdoor adventures. Pair the abundance of sunshine with incredible local businesses and it’s easy to create the perfect picnic experience. What better way is there to relax outside on a sunny day than with great food, good friends, and beautiful scenery? We’ve got all the tips you need to celebrate International Picnic Day on June 18th in San Diego or wherever you live. 

Pick the Location

Read reviews and check out photos on Yelp before you go to help you find the best spot for your picnic. Always check the weather when planning your location, because a windy day could make a beach outing uncomfortable. Offering breathtaking views of the city, Kate O Sessions Memorial Park is a favorite picnic destination in San Diego. If you want to make it a full adventure look for locations that also have a playground for the kids or hiking trails like San Dieguito County Park.

Looking for a more adult picnic experience? The greater San Diego area has over 100 parks where alcohol consumption is permitted. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy your to-go cocktail just check the park’s website for their policy and enjoy responsibly. 

Plan Your Meal

You aren’t going to want souffle pancakes on your picnic. Try sticking to foods that travel well and don’t need to be reheated to enjoy. You can use Yelp to search for great local restaurants who offer takeout or delivery. Consider menu items like pizza, charcuterie boards, and noodle dishes like pad Thai. Burritos are a San Diego favorite picnic food- search Yelp to find a delicious burrito near you! Ask for any sauces and dressings to be put on the side so your meal doesn’t get soggy before you arrive. If you have a long ride between the restaurant and the park, you may want to bring a small cooler with ice packs so your food stays fresh. 

Make it Comfortable

Now that you’ve got your location and your meal, you may want to consider a few other items to have the perfect picnic experience. Even if you’re visiting a park with picnic tables, a blanket is still a good thing to pack just in case. Grab an umbrella if you’re headed to the beach or a park without a lot of shade on a hot day. If you’re setting up your picnic in a more rocky area like Sunset Cliffs, pack additional things to sit on. Take care of your local park by bringing a trash bag to clean up and don’t forget to bring some extra paper towels and utensils just in case!

Make it Memorable 

A picnic can be more than just dining in nature. Make it a full experience by working with a company like Seaside Cinema to create a luxury picnic experience complete with a movie. Luxury picnic companies have been popping up all over during the last year. It’s easier than ever to find local businesses that will rent tents and full picnic spreads with glamorous seating options and even real dishes. You can also make your picnic more memorable by bringing outdoor friendly throw pillows to sit on, a speaker, or a game!