Top tips for indoor/outdoor living

Yelp trend experts predict that we will see a continued focus on improving outdoor living spaces this year. As many people have shifted to hosting intimate gatherings at home in lieu of pre-pandemic nightlife and social activities, they’re looking to create seamless indoor/outdoor spaces where they can gather with small groups of family and friends. Whether this means revamping a balcony, or finally getting a professional landscaper hired to perfect the yard, below are some top tips to make your indoor/outdoor transition as seamless as possible.

Select an indoor space to renovate:

The indoor to outdoor experience should feel harmonious. You may want to consider renovating the room with yard access to achieve this, as your living room can act as an extension of your patio. Opening up the walls to add larger sliding doors can allow for better flow throughout your home and would this is a key component in creating an indoor/outdoor atmosphere. This is not always possible, of course, so if you’re simply creating an outdoor space to emulate an indoor one, read on.

Select a colour theme.

Similar to selecting a colour palette for inside your home, you’ll want to do the same for your outdoor space. This colour will be responsible for determining the overarching ambiance of the space. Your colour choice is important. For example, many say that red can be a good choice for people who love to entertain, while blue can create a serene and calming atmosphere. Once you’ve selected your colour, using shades within it will add cohesion to your space. Keep in mind that it may be helpful to use similar colour schemes outdoors, as you have indoors to create the feeling of continuity.

Accessorize and decorate.

Bring elements from the inside out to make a space that you and your guests will find comfortable. Use your indoor space as inspiration for outdoor accessorizing. You can add items such as: throw pillows, blankets, wall art, or non-traditional furniture. All will add to the ambiance of the space and bring the comforts you experience inside to your outdoor hangout spot.

Add lighting. 

After putting time and money into your outdoor sanctuary, add stellar lighting to maximize the time you can spend utilizing it. Landscape lighting can enhance your space for get-togethers and allow the party to continue long after the sun sets. Whether it’s professional landscape lighting that illuminate your yard, or string lights that twinkle in the night sky, adding lighting will create that additional element of indoor comfort, outside. Choosing the right lighting is important too. Find options here of different types of landscape lighting.