Olive oil 101 with Del’ Oliva

On February 4, Yelp Elites from all over North America tuned in virtually via Zoom to learn about the wonderful world of olive oils! Eddie Sohirad, owner of Del’Oliva, curated special tasting kits filled with four different type of olive oils and two balsamic vinegars for attendees to taste during the event!

Yelp Elites raved about the complexity of the flavors and for Eddie sharing all his tips and tricks on picking the best olive oil for you!

“Listening to Eddie’s passion about olive oil was very enlightening. What I liked best is that when he is asked what the best olive oil is his answer is, it really doesn’t work like that. The best olive oil is the freshest and the one you like, that is the best olive oil for you! It is a preference of the palate. Eddie let us know to not buy it in bulk and to get it in small amounts and hopefully from a reputable place.” – Yelp Elite, Graciela P

Need a perfect oil/vinegar pairing for that next dinner party or get together? Eddie is a man about his oils and vinegars, he doesn’t hesitate at the opportunity to educate his customers on the science and nuance of the products he carries in the store. Eddie brings in olive oils from specific regions depending on the time of year, so that his customers only have the freshest and delicious tasting EVOO available. Once you get a taste, you may never buy regular olive oil again! ⁠⠀

Located in the city of Burlingame, Del’ Oliva is a fine oil and vinegar shop that also carries a wide variety of handpicked wines and speciality food products.

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