Coffee Cocktails & Impactful Conversations with Black Coffee Northwest + Seattle Elites

Photo by Yelp Elite Karlo G.

During the month of March, Yelp Seattle hosted a series titled #WomenRunSeattle. All Elite Events, Perks, and partnerships were with woman-owned or co-owned businesses in the greater Seattle area. 

One of the Elite Events hosted was with Black Coffee Northwest of Shoreline. Black Coffee Northwest defines themselves as “the space between your home and everywhere else. Black Coffee Northwest is a meeting place rooted in current culture.” Primarily operating through their drive-thru, the Shoreline area has welcomed this new caffeine supplier with open arms. The coffee shop’s lobby is open on Saturdays.

During the event, Elites were taught how to make Salted Caramel Mudslides, a concoction made up of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Caramel Sauce, raw sugar, and sea salt.

After drinks were made, Elites were treated to conversation with owner Darnesha Weary, business partner Sarah Haben, and director of Black Coffee Northwest’s youth programs, Dawn Jordan. 

The team of women told Elites all about Black Coffee Northwest – how they came to be, what they do besides serving coffee, and how Elites can support their business. Outside of serving up coffee, Black Coffee Northwest hosts a community pantry, a black marketplace, hosts a free, vegan food truck in their parking lot twice a month, and much more. 

Yelper Scott L. said it best in his review when he described Black Coffee with, “This isn’t a coffee shop. It is a community center that happens to sell coffee.” 

Outside of hearing about everything they are doing, Black Coffee Northwest opened up with hard conversation about current injustices in the world and problems they face every day with customers. A few Elites reported tears throughout the event, and thanked Darnesha and her team for being so vulnerable, open, and willing to help the community grow and learn. 

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To learn more about Black Coffee Northwest and how you can support this amazing local business, check out their website here

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Black Coffee Northwest

Black Coffee Northwest is about energy and creativity, and we exist to inspire and energize our community alike. We start with the best coffee and the best baristas around, add amazing local art, and bring you the most interesting publications from the world over.

Defining the space between your home and everywhere else. Black Coffee Northwest is a meeting place rooted in current culture. Our coffee bar has its own personality reflective of those in our community. Black Coffee Northwest is a place where people meet, cultivate relationships, and develop ideas. It’s a place for people to step back from the daily hustle and enjoy an exceptional beverage.