@blackgirlguideatl’s Favorite Black-owned Businesses in ATL

When Atlanta native, Shanita Miller’s coworker complained that she couldn’t find fun birthday plans, Shanita assessed that her friend needed a bit more exposure to all Atlanta has to offer. She created a to-do list, full of her favorite local businesses and tasked her friend with visiting each spot. When Shanita’s friend came back to work after exploring the list, she proclaimed that she had a blast, thanks to Shanita’s recommendations. Her coworker suggested that Shanita make this official and that’s exactly what she did!

Shanita now, under the handle @blackgirlsguideatl, celebrates local business and documents her adventures to introduce to her followers. 

“I wanted to give this local perspective on fun and food,” Shanita said. “Local places where we hang out and places that you might only know if you were born here, but sharing those tidbits with everyone so they can join in and experience Atlanta like a local”

Shanita took us around the city to visit five of her favorite Black-owned businesses. 

First Stop: Urban Grind Coffee

Located in West Midtown, Urban Grind was founded in 2007 by Cassandra Ingram. She wanted to create a space for people to come together to share their ideas and creativity. Urban grind hosts community events as well as hosting local artists and authors! Shanita enjoyed a vanilla latte with oat milk.

Second Stop: SCAD Fash Museum of Fashion + Film

Here, Shanita visited the Afrofuturism in Costume Design, showcasing authentic costumes from the movie Black Panther. On display until September 2021, these costumes were designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer, Ruth E. Carter.

Third Stop: Springreens at Community Cafe

Owned by Muhammad Jihad, Springreens specializes in healthy Halal soul food. Springreens offers many rotating vegetarian options and curbside pickup.

Fourth Stop: L’Artisan Muse

Specializing in bespoke fragrance, L’Artisan muse is a fully custom experience each time. November Nichols, L’Artisan Must is a self cafe emporium.

“This is one of my favorite places to treat myself!” Shanita said. She created a custom fragrance at L’Artisan Muse during this visit.

Fifth Stop: 3 Parks Wine Shop

“After a long day of running around Atlanta, I need some wine,” Shanita said. 

Shanita introduced us to her friend, Sarah Pierre – owner of 3 Parks Wine Shop. Recently celebrating the shop’s 8-year anniversary, 3 Parks Wine Shop carries Black Girls Magic Wines and so, so much more!

Looking for more Black-owned businesses in Atlanta? Some of Shanita’s other faves are Juci Jerk, Bamba Cuisine, APT 4B, Jayida Ché Tea Spot, Just Add Honey and Purple Corkscrew. But if you’ve got a sense for your own adventure, be sure to search “Black-owned” on Yelp for a list of Black-owned businesses in any city!