Say YES! To Family Time

“Eat & laugh, share the joy, life is good”

Fuzion Spice

There are many Elites in training across the great cities of Tampa Bay. Under the leadership of the current Elite Squad and after a delicious feast by Fuzion Spice, they are well on their way to Elite-dom.

During the last week of February Yelp Elites invited their favorite future Elites to join them in a YES! Meal for the whole family. Fuzion Spice created a unique “choice of” menu based on their most popular dishes. For just $9.99 Yelp Elites got a meal to feed 4; including an appetizer, side, and entree.

Menu highlights included:

  • Chick ‘N Cheese Rangoons
  • Thai Shrimp
  • Spicy Fuzion Pasta
  • Stir-fried Mushrooms

Food tastes better when you’re sharing it with people you love. This meal came complete with a family game to inspire conversation and laughter over dinner.

“I am so happy to have experienced this with my whole family and I absolutely loved the fact that there was even something for my tiniest elite in training. This was not only a delicious experience but also a memorable one.

Roseiby J.

We can’t think of a better business to bring this to life. Because when it comes to family and food, Fuzion Spice truly is the expert.  The family moved to Tampa Bay just over a year ago and have already become beloved members of the community. Fuzion Spice is not just woman/family-owned it is family operated! Whether they are taking your order or making the food you will be interacting one-on-one with the family. 

Fuzion Spice is open Tuesday-Sunday and is available for large party catering. The eclectic menu features Asian inspired dishes ranging from Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. The Yelpers rave about the bao buns and mushrooms and the photos speak for themselves…Join the Fuzion family by following them on Instagram @fuzionspicetampa. You can order your next meal right through Yelp