Seattle Elites Create Mini Charcuterie Boards with Laura B. Steele Charcuterie

Photo by Yelp Elite Tiffany J.

On February 11th, 2021, a group of Seattle and Eastside Elites were treated to an evening of learning how to create charcuterie boards for one. In an attempt to break the mold from Valentine’s Day, romance-based events, Stupid Cupid Charcuterie with Laura B. Steele Charcuterie was a great way to learn how to treat yourself with yummy bites and beautiful presentation. 

This Virtual Yelp Elite Event also gave Yelpers the chance to try local wine with canned wines from Cascadian Outfitters, a wine line parented by Goose Ridge Winery. Yelpers were able to pick up their wines with their event kits, which included everything they needed to make their charcuterie boards.

Yelpers were able to choose from an assortment of wines including Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, Chardonnay, and Red. Goose Ridge also surprised guests with an extra can of Estate Bubbles. Fun fact: one can of wine is equal to half a bottle, so everybody receive an entire bottle of wine! 

Components for the charcuterie board included Recipe 33 Black Truffle infused almonds, Partners Artisan Snack Crackers, Trader Joe’s mini Brie bites, Salt Blade Seattle Sticks, Beecher’s Flagship Handmade Cheese, and Pippa’s Preferred Brittle. 

On top of all of that, Yelpers received fun Yelp Swag including wine glasses, face masks, and pens. 

Laura B. Steele Charcuterie shared tips and tricks to create beautiful charcuterie boards with the provided items, and also shared other local favorite products that could be added as well. She also shared fun ways to fold meats to incorporate into the boards as well.

Throughout the virtual event, many Yelpers reported in the Zoom chat room that they were having a hard time building the board because they were unable to stop noshing on all the yummy snacks along the way.

On top of getting insider tips from Laura, Yelpers were able to hear from Tiffany Stetson of Goose Ridge Winery. Tiffany educated Yelpers on which wines pair well with certain snacks, and shared more about the Cascadian Outfitters wine line.

To check out event reviews and photos from the Yelpers that participated, find the event page here.

Thanks to our event partners

Laura B. Steel Charcuterie

Flavor, meet art. 

Laura claims that her hobby is having hobbies. Making food and for friends and family is what stuck. She started building charcuterie boards for Thanksgiving 2018, and hasn’t stopped making them since! 

All of her boards are filled to the brim with as many local products to Renton, Washington and the PNW as possible! Each board is 80%+ local ingredients. You can order boards of any size on her website

Cascadian Outfitters

Parented by Goose Ridge Winery, Cascadian Outfitters is canned estate wine meant for adventurers. Goose Ridge creates this wine for those who want a tasty wine they can bring on hikes, picnics, bike rides, and beach days. It’s the “can-do” fit for everyday life.

Goose Ridge Winery has four tasting rooms across Washington State where their Cascadian Outfitters line can be purchased. Or, you can purchase online.