Tasting The Trends with Tampa Bay

Between the Gulf and the Bay, there are countless reasons why Tampa Bay is the coolest place to live. We have immersive dining experiences, hopeful sustainability projects, and the raddest art scene. The businesses are as diverse as the people living in the community, and the sunsets require #NoFilter. In fact we would go as far as saying it is the trendiest place to be. And according to Yelp’s 2021 Trend Report  it is certainly a trendy place to eat.

Yelp Tampa Bay is ready to prove it.


Some trends never go out of style. We are talking about supporting local by drinking local. 3 Daughters Brewing is a local icon. They offer an impressive list of rotating hard seltzers in the tasting room. We can’t get enough of the seltzer and so fortunately their most popular flavors are available by can. The Yelp Elite Squad will be sipping their choice of seltzers while facing Yelp Orlando in a Trivia Showdown on March 16th.


On March 24th at 6pm ET, Beat Bobby Flay winner Chef Rosana will teach us how to make the viral tacos. Chef Rosana will be joined by her partner, Chef Ricardo of Virtual Chef Hall for this action packed live cooking class. As if Birria isn’t trendy enough-we are taking it up a notch by learning how to make them vegan.


Did you know that King Of The Coop was voted as Tampa Bay’s number one restaurant on Yelp for 2020? We are bringing that heat into 2021 as we proudly celebrate this fried food trend with this local foodie haven. The Squad will be eating like Kings at the new restaurant in Wesley Chapel

Not on the Squad? Joe and his team at King Of The Coop want everyone to taste this trend. Check out King Of The Coop from March 22nd-25th for a limited time Check In Offer on Yelp. 

Plenty of other trends will be tasted and celebrated during this series including:

Members of the Yelp Elite Squad are the real trendsetters around here. The original influencers, if you will. We can always count on Elites to point us in the direction of what is useful, funny, cool, and worthy of five stars. To kick off the tasting of the trends, Tampa Elites will watch as Debonair Prints customizes a tshirt for the esteemed group on March 11th.

This foodie event series is a can’t miss. Taste the fun and RSVP on Yelp!