Eight gifts for socially distanced Palentine’s Day

It’s Palentine’s Day! We know you’re ready to celebrate your favorite singles-safe holiday. Chocolate is always a wonderful idea, but try spicing it up with handmade or useful gifts to show your friend you care — all from a safe social distance.

Eight socially distanced gift ideas:

Whether you’re seeking a lovely handwritten note, a re-creation of a poem or a special design, a calligrapher near you can help.

Framing services near you would love to preserve your memories. Frame a photo, a vacation trinket, or bigger items like jerseys or bouquets. The sky is the limit!

Plants? Flowers? A little greenery never hurt anyone! Use Yelp’s Request-A-Quote to touch base with local florists near you and brighten your pal’s day.

Life can be hard. A great auto detailer near you is the perfect gift for the organized person in your life! When your car is sparkling, you feel like a million bucks.

We can’t guarantee it will work, but it’s worth the chance, right? If you’re feeling sassy, contact a matchmaker near you to set your friend up.

Lovers of color can never resist a gift of local art. An art consultant near you can help you nail the eye-catching gift for your creative friend.

Sometimes, you have something super special for a gift. The regular mail can be delayed, so ensure delivery from a courier service near you.

Now, we’re not saying you need to buy a diamond ring! How about an old school best friend necklace? Or a surprise repair of a favorite piece? Jewelers and repair services near you are the perfect fit for all the sparkles.

In addition to spoiling your loved ones, we invite all of you to join our Be My Yelp Valentine event series this month. From February 1-12, bake sweet treats, craft romantic cocktails, make DIY bath bombs and more!