Meet the Elite + Tips from a Top Yelper: Mary T.!

This week, Yelp Canada hosted a special virtual event spotlighting Yelpers whose reviews had received the most funny, useful, cool votes in Canada in 2020, including Mary T.  Mary T. is an awesome elite to meet as she ranks in the Top Ten Most Liked Yelpers in all of Canada of all time! 

We chatted with Mary about her tips for folks who’d like to gain followers and increase their impact on local businesses. And we also snagged her picks for deliciousness in the GTA! (Greater Toronto Area).

Mary T. at Kinton Ramen

“Hey, there! I’m Mary and 2021 marks my eighth year being a Yelp Elite. Time certainly flies, especially checking out good eats and cool businesses.  I grew up in the Beaches in Toronto, live in Markham, and work in Mississauga. I scream GTA! I am a technical writer by trade, but writing Yelp reviews is a different beast than what I typically do! I love sharing my food experiences and tips. I find writing reviews relaxing and an expressive outlet to help others out. The fact that I like to eat and take food recommendations from fellow Yelpers and friends keeps me motivated and inspired.

What are your tips for yelpers who want to make an impact?

Be yourself and post often about your experiences. I find that writing about how you feel about the business and your experience, both great and not-so-great, provides a welcoming personal spin. You also share a glimpse of who you are with Yelpers — that you’re a human being! Photos reveal your perspective visually and compliment your reviews.

I put myself into the Yelp reader’s shoes. Whatever questions that I had during my first visit to a business are detailed answers that I reveal in my review. I photograph my food because it’s nice remembering what I had years later. I like to show portion size, presentation, how my food is packaged if it’s takeout, and more. I’m not in it for a pretty Instagram-worthy, touched up, flawless photo. It’s basically what I see through my phone or camera’s lens.

I do a lot of searches for local businesses. I also like the Talk and Messages features, because it’s great chatting with Yelpers, especially when we can’t meet during a pandemic. Compliments are fun, too. Just saying hi to someone and wishing them a great day makes my day, too.

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What are some of your favourite local places?

Photo by Mary T. of Comebuy

“There are some amazing bubble tea places in Markham. During this pandemic, I discovered Comebuy and visit weekly to get my fix. If you don’t want sugar in your drink, this place means it – no sugar whatsoever. I so appreciate it! There are lots of customization options.

I am hooked on the iced chocolate latte and iced peach oolong tea with coconut jelly. Staff are exceptionally friendly. They hand you everything with both hands out of respect, which is cool. They also have the best lucky cat displays.”

Want to check out the rest of Mary’s delicious recommendations? Head on over to the Yelp Toronto Instagram to catch Mary’s takeover, and loads of other goodness from around town. If you’d like to join Mary in sharing your local adventures and making a huge impact on local businesses, why not join the Yelp Elite Squad! We’d love to have you!