The Fullest Holiday In Tampa Bay

2020 was….eventful. No, really! In a year when there was nowhere to go we sure had schedules FULL of events. From virtual events to socially distant experiences, our final event series of 2020 was the most joyful way to end the most stressful year.

The Healthful, Heart-full, Holiday Full Of Yelp series in Tampa Bay kept members of the community engaged for 30+ days of cheer. By focusing on health and heart we kept our calendars full of what matters most (and even had a little room for Yelp!) We are grateful for the many businesses we shared the holidays with this year.

Elite Week At Frenchies Salon

5+ Stars! I have found my new favorite nail salon in Tampa..I felt safe and secure the entire time.

Karen F.

Yelp Fearlessly Bakes Bread (Level 3)

This was one of the best demonstrations I’ve ever been a part of.  I feel this was the event I always wanted.  I wanted to see someone make dough as I made it.  To knead, and to teach me to feel the texture.  To describe what’s going on in real time.  Chef Reginald is my hero of 2020.

Matt S.

Yelp Perk With Dreamrider

This was probably the most low key fun yelp event that I’ve been to during the pandemic! It was so nice to just hop on a bike and ride throughout Clearwater beach.

Amber S.

12 epic events made up this unforgettable holiday season, and so you can check out this Collection for all the details. We are honored to have collaborated with these special local businesses to bring this series to life. 

If you missed out on this event series, don’t lose heart! More fun adventures await in 2021. Keep an eye out on for virtual events happening across the nation. Closer to home, we have our own calendar at, local events are always popping up there. And of course if you’re interested in taking part of all the special Elite perks…join the Squad! Visit to nominate yourself.