The 2020 Denver Virtual Yelpies Awards Show

Wednesday evening marked our most special night of the year, the annual Yelpies Awards Show. We’ve been dealt a strange hand in 2020, so this year we broadcasted the awards via a virtual presentation on Zoom. Yelp Elites gathered in the comfort of their own homes, walked the virtual red carpet, sat back and enjoyed the show.

Of course it not a party without 5-star food and drink. Yelp Denver partnered with Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Mr. Miner’s Meat & Cheese, who created specialty packages just for Yelp Elites. Stranahan’s created prebottled cocktails, The Holiday Cookie Old Fashioned & You’re Cherrific. Mr. Miner’s Meat & Cheese prepared a preplated charcuterie board with locally sourced ingredients.

Head Mixologist of Stranahan’s, Lucas Townshend, gave us two amazing cocktail demonstrations. His unparalleled energy kept Yelpers engaged, while blessing them with whiskey and cocktail knowledge. Manager of Mr. Miner’s Meat & Cheese, Kevin Westman, shared his tips and tricks of how to source ingredients and prepare charcuterie boards at home. We appreciate these two gentleman for their time and expertise!

As we alluded to, the dispersing of this year’s Yelpies Awards took place virtually. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Yelp Elites, the ceremony was a wild ride—full of laughs and tears of joy. We are unbelievably honored to award our top contributing Yelp Elite Squad members year after year. This year’s winners are listed below:

  1. Complimenter of the Year: Jerry O.
  2. Couple of the Year: Janet D. & Adam D.
  3. Writer of the Year: Stefanie C.
  4. Friendliest of the Year: Sonja A.
  5. Keeping Yelp Useful: Mark T.
  6. Funniest of the Year: Dale Z.
  7. Rookie of the Year: Dell K.
  8. Delivery & Takeout Champ: Cherie C.
  9. Updater of the Year: Bee Ling W.
  10. Explorer of the Year: Stefanie C.
  11. Trendsetter of the Year: Jesse B.
  12. Virtual Event Superstar: Holly C.
  13. Photographer of the Year: Chance H.
  14. Trailblazer Award: Katie F.
  15. Reviewer of the Year: Dell K.
  16. Best All Around Elite: Carly W.
  17. Yelptime Achievement Award: Cherie C.

All in all, it was an evening none of us will soon forget. We commemorated the night with Yelp Elite 2020 Ornaments, Yelpies 2020 Champagne Flutes, and one epic swag bag courtesy of our national partners, Synergy Raw Kombucha, Hint, Luna, GoGo Squeez and Woodbridge Snacks. Read all reviews of the event to relive this year’s Virtual Yelpies Awards Show.

Yelp Denver would like to personally thank Sarah McLoughlin, Lucas Townshend and Keegan Giannoni of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Melissa DeVitt, Chase DeVitt and Kevin Westman of Mr. Miner’s Meat & Cheese for ensuring our community with a memorable 5-star experience.