The Stories Behind Sacramento’s Hottest Local Goods

‘Tis the shopping season! It’s always important to shop local, but especially now. According to Yelp, 60% of businesses that closed during the pandemic will stay shut permanently, with minority owners being some of the hardest hit. 

With this in mind, we’re highlighting the stories behind just a few of the unique, hyperlocal, minority-owned businesses here in Sactown. These are examples of the American dream personified, overcoming adversity, and following one’s own passions in the toughest of times.  

Read on for more. And for a full list of minority-owned businesses you can support, visit Yelp’s collection of 50 Places to Shop Local in Sacramento This Holiday Season

Happy Grazing 
When she was growing up, Tiffanie Eang watched her Chinese parents work hard against adversity to provide for her family. “Being a minority and afraid of judgment, I didn’t advertise myself as much as others,” she admits. “But as time went on, I realized it doesn’t matter my ethnicity – people love my work!” 

Now she has a thriving business specializing in customized charcuterie boxes, boards and grazing tables. “Food brings people together and being together makes happy memories,” she adds. 

Consider Happy Grazing as a compliment to all your holiday gatherings! 

Article Consignment Boutique
In 2009, Abraham Sanchez lost his job due to the recession. He always wanted to own a boutique, so along with his wife, Valerie, he took the leap and opened this unique and popular consignment store. He loves being a Hispanic business owner because of the multiple perspectives and ideas. “There is never a shortage of great ideas in my company.”

What he appreciates most is that he’s living the “ultimate American dream” of freedom. “I get to wake up and do what I love and live the life I choose. I’m also inspiring others who are consigning with me because I’m sending the message, ‘Hey, you can do it too! Every goal, every dream is totally possible!'”

Blossom Bathhouse
Blossom Bathhouse is a Black-owned, family owned company focused on hand-crafted soaps and bath products made with natural, local ingredients. After rave reviews for their recipes from family and friends, owner Jazmine Bonnett “knew it was time to share our products with the world.” They just opened a brick and mortar store in Old Sacramento. 

Blossom Bathhouse “embodies the farm-to-tub movement by recognizing that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in it.” All products are toxic and paraben free, crafted in their makers studio in the heart of Oak Park, Sacramento.

The Allspicery

Heather Wong grew up surrounded by both American and Chinese food. And as she followed her lifelong passion for travel, she learned that “there is no better way to learn about other cultures and break down barriers than through food.”

The result was The Allspicery, Sacramento’s first and only one-stop spice shop, offering the highest quality spices, herbs and spice blends from near and far.

As she explains, “there is so much ritual and community that goes into cooking a homemade meal and sharing it with others.” She has made it her mission to not only “keep our community fed, but nourished in every sense of the word.”

Casa de Español

Maria Harrington is a “proud Latina,” born in México and raised in Sacramento. When she first had the idea of starting her business in 2011, some told her “it wouldn’t be a good fit.” Nevertheless, she persisted, building it into the warm and inclusive community and language center it is today. Located in the heart of downtown, her beautiful shop also includes plenty of Mexican gifts, from t-shirts to artwork. 

CASA gives me the opportunity to share my heritage as well as the many cultures of Latin America and Spain,” she explains. “We explore art and culture through interactive experiences, adding to Sacramento’s vibrancy.”

Consider these great businesses in your holiday shopping and you’ll be taking home so much more than their products!