Bless Your Sweet (Elite) Soul

The Tampa Bay Yelp Elite Squad is sweet on supporting local, always. 

This Yelp Eats Local experience welcomed Sweet Soul to it’s newest home in St. Pete. Now our sweet (Elite) souls can be satisfied on both sides of the bridge, thanks to the opening of On The Fly, Ciccio Restaurant Group’s very own food hall on 4th Street. 

Tampa Bay’s Elite Squad is made up of an eclectic group of individual as unique as the reviews they write. They are united over a love for local. The experience at Sweet Soul was a perfect celebration of what it means to be Elite. Because each guest was invited to build their own custom smoothie bowl; a bowl as special as they are. 

Crystal H. captures the highly personal experience for us in her 5 star review:

 “I walked in and told him that I had no idea what I was doing. He explained everything fully to me…He had extreme patience and walked me through each step.

I opted for the Green Acai…

I then added my three sweets: blueberries, a coconut chia pudding, and a matcha cookie.

Next came the two toppings. I went with sliced almonds and cocoa nibs.

The final step was the drizzle.

The result was a heavenly bowl of what may possibly be one of my favorite desserts that I have had in years.”

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The sweetest gratitude to Sweet Soul for the hospitality and fun during this flavor-filled Elite Event. 

Time to design your own plant-based bowl! Visit Sweet Soul in St Pete open daily, from 8:30am-9pm. On The Fly food hall is now the trifecta: Better Byrd, Sweet Soul, and Taco Dirty. The Hall is adjacent to Fresh Kitchen on 4th St. Of course, you can still enjoy the fruits (pun intended) of Sweet Soul’s labor at their original Tampa location from 9am-9pm. Keep up with this local gem by following their Instagram @ilovesweetsoul.