25 Stores in downtown Portland you can support this holiday season

From indie fairs to farmers markets, supporting local has always been a part of Portland’s DNA. But at the end of a year unlike any other, it’s vital we support the shops that help make downtown PDX so unique. This holiday season, consider spending some time – and some dollars – in our city’s center so that it’ll remain vibrant for years to come. Here’s our list of 25 shops in Downtown, Oldtown, and Chinatown that are open and ready to help you share some love with your friends, your family, and also your city!

(TLDR? Just follow this collection and get to shopping!)

2nd Ave Records

“I first came in to look for a gift for my boyfriend, who I knew what bands he liked but not what I wanted to get him regarding them. So, I asked and the staff were beyond helpful! They showed me everything related to the genres, and while I kept perusing, they kept thinking of great gift ideas! And sure enough, when I passed it on, my boyfriend loved the gifts!” – Elysia M.

Bridge & Burn

“Bridge & Burn, beyond making beautiful clothing (with sleeves long enough for a tall girl like me!), epitomizes why buying from independent, small-scale retailers is the way to go… The quality is fantastic, and the prices are surprisingly mellow considering it’s not mass-produced sweatshop schlock. Simple, timeless yet still distinct designs, too.” – Sonja A.


“Listen. This is one of the better streetwear shops I’ve ever been to, and I’ve visited Bodega and Kith in soho. The space is massive, and the curation and quality of the products being offered easily makes Compound the best street wear and culture store in Portland.”  – Morgen B.

Ecru Modern Stationer

“Ecru is such an adorable little store for cards, calendars, gift wrapping, and stationary items located across the street from Pioneer Square downtown. I’ve passed this place a multitude of times and finally popped in to get a Christmas card and postcard. I loved all the quirky, cute, and unique offerings I found inside.” – McKena M.

Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts

“Fabulous fun store with toys for kids of all ages (adults/kids at heart will be tempted to bring things home for themselves… Yours truly included). Finnegan’s carries products at all price points, small goodies and big ones too. Lots of things are out on display so you can have the chance to test-run before purchasing.” – Alison T.

Finnegan’s Toys & Gifts

Floating World Comics

“I have collected comics for thirty years and have lived in six states and two countries while doing so. In all of my travels, I have never seen a shop with as much quality independent content as Floating World Comics. FWC is run like an old-school shop: fun little corners to explore, friendly, knowledgeable clerks and a strong selection. These shops are disappearing and FWC is an oasis among them. Get in there!” – Lee K.

Harris & Tailor

“Don’t be fooled, this made to measure clothing shop is not just for men. I love the menswear look but I want it to flatter my female frame… The made to measure part makes your clothes fit in such a flattering way. The whole experience was so revolutionary I now want to start a whole wardrobe that fits perfectly.”  – Robin G.

John Helmer Haberdasher

“This is a lovely place for guys who enjoy a little old-school service and some traditional refinement in a world gone mad. They carry genuine toquilla Panama straw hats, beautiful pocket squares in fine silks, great small leather goods and even Truefitt & Hill cologne from London… I got a wonderful silk dress scarf, black with pinpoint white dots, very elegant and not something I think I would find anywhere else in Portland.” – Jeffrey G.

Kinokuniya Bookstores

“A little bite of Japan, right Downtown! I’m so glad Kinokuniya opened. There’s a large selection of Ghibli items, manga, notebooks, pens, paper, cards, toys… A perfect place to buy souvenirs or gifts. Service was very friendly and I’ll happily return… Portland’s relationship with Japan runs deep, and this book store very much represents that.” – Dana H.


“Just stopped in after brunch on a Sunday afternoon, my family in town were searching for a more breathable bandana or mask. They found beautiful masks with awesome prints and I purchased a beautiful scarf to wear as a mask and some incense… Great place to shop for a unique gift and the friendly staff showed me how to fold scarf to wear as a face cover.” -Yasodara C.



“What a blast from the past! Such an amazing display of vintage Portland Trail Blazers’ and other memorabilia from a better time long ago. I found and bought my old 92-93 season Blazers ‘Bighead’ shirt I once had in 3rd grade!  Also, they have the commemorative glasses I used to get at Dairy Queen for the 92-93 and 93-94 seasons. Wow, such great memories!” – Shasta E.


“Jean Pierre made me a perfectly fitted pair of pants and a shirt from gorgeous turquoise African batik cloth which I love very much. The cost was very fair and he was very pleasant to work with and had everything finished right on time. I have gotten countless compliments on my beautiful new clothes and I have Jean Pierre to thank! Go to N’kossi for the best original, West African handmade fashions!” – Luke G.


“They have high quality items like Japanese selvage denim with Japanese indigo dye. They have interesting printed shirts, jackets and accessories like pens and hats. It’s located on a quiet street but worthy of a stop if you’re into Japanese men’s fashion!” – Lily Z.

Orox Leather

“If you are looking for locally made, family-owned, beautiful leather handbags and small goods with personal and friendly service, you’ve found it. I love the beautiful choices of leather colors and the staff are FAMILY so they know their leather and spent a great deal of personal time with me, helping me decide on which product to purchase.” – Brigitte V.

Park Avenue Fine Wines

“These guys have been great – pre pandemic and during. They are not snooty wine people, they are just nice and helpful. I’ve ordered 4 cases of wine from them over the past month. They are very helpful finding things that I like at the price points I desire. They have some specials and really affordable delivery within certain zip codes. Otherwise, pick up is very easy.” – Debbie B.

Park Avenue Fine Wines

Pendleton Home Store

“Such a beautiful store with so many blankets to choose from, how does one even begin?! I would want to open every single one. But my favorite item in the whole store is their largest dog bed – I’m speaking from my boxers experience – she loves hers!!” – Liss C.

Portland Outdoor Store

“Amazing gem! I am from the south, and have seen my fair share of “outdoor” stores but this probably beats most. Awesome selection of boots, western and English style, as well as clothing. The upstairs is full of used saddles and tack, many of which are still in great quality. I really enjoyed this store, and was surprised to find such a place in Portland.” – Miriam D.

Qi Fine Teas

“The jasmine king tea is soooo beautifully balanced with floral freshness and a smooth finish. It’s so amazing! The hand-crafted tea sets/cups are also beautifully made and very special. The owner is so sweet and well-informed about all of the teas and exactly what goes into the processes of gathering/drying the leaves. It is fascinating!” – Ansley B.

Say Say Boutique

“This store has wonderful, whimsical clothing, jewelry, socks and other treats. I’ve found many dresses, jeans, tops and gifts here over the years for myself and friends, and it’s all good quality. They are honest, like honest where they tell you what looks good on you and what isn’t a fit for you.  I know I’m going to love what I buy because of that honesty.” – Melanie B.

Self Edge

“This is probably one of the best places for getting raw and selvedge denim. Its a real nice and fancy little shop. I bought a pair of jeans, and they even chain stitched hemmed it for me in less than a day because I was on a trip from Vancouver and needed to leave the next day.” – Philip C.

Self Edge

Tender Loving Empire

“Tender Loving Empire has jewelry, bath products, tons of stickers/pins/magnets/postcards, glassware, housewares, prints, cat and dog toys/accessories, kid stuff, books, records… Seriously so much stuff!! I kept finding more things I wanted to buy. We eventually had to get out of there.” – Katy C.

The Fossil Cartel

“They have a fantastic selection of beautiful stones, jewelry, and other items; displayed so you can look at them with plenty of light. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful about the qualities, features, and origins of the products. The service has always been fantastic, they always greet us and offer assistance without hovering.” – Peter S.


“Great underwear store for men… There are all kinds of great underwear brands that I love and a few brands that were new discoveries for me. There is also a selection of shirts that I liked. I got a pleasant blast from the past coming across some resort style shirts from Diesel.” – Alden C.

Upper Playground

“I love coming here for clothing! The art is awesome and unique. They have kid’s stuff too. I got my friend a hat and it looks awesome on him! My son’s father also got a hoodie from here that is amazing. I love the “left coast” and Portland themed shirts and hats and sweaters.” – Tabatha P.


“This is a fancy art and craft, knick-knack store in the middle of downtown. In the days of Etsy and Amazon, millions of such products are available online. This store fills the need of having someone curate and display the finest of pieces for you to choose from. I love the collection here and if I am in the neighborhood, will always peek in to see what’s new.” – Sindhu A.