Jacksonville Presents Fall Into Baking With Mixed Fillings Pie Shop

On Wednesday, September 23rd, over 100 Yelpers from across North America participated in a virtual baking event with Mixed Fillings Pie Shop. At this event, Yelpers learned the basics of creating the perfect pie crust to complement a savory quiche and delectable pumpkin pie for fall holidays.

Chef Natasha from Mixed Fillings Pie Shop

When guests arrived to the virtual room, they were greeted by Carla D, Yelp Jacksonville Community Manager, and Natasha Burton, The Queen Bee of Pie and Owner of Mixed Fillings.

Chef Natasha live on Zoom

Natasha shared her story about how she started this Black-owned speakeasy pie shop. A pandemic didn’t stop her from turning her pie passion into a career after going to culinary school later in life. 

The first thing Natasha showed the group to make was her famous pie crust which is versatile and can be used for quiche, pot pie, and pies. Participants learned some tips including the importance of keeping your room and ingredients cold to make the perfect crust.

Cast Iron Leek and Gruyere Quiche

From there, guests learned how to make a Leek and Gruyere Cast Iron Quiche. The chat blew up with comments from guests saying how excited they were to use leeks and make a brunch dish. Guests learned the art of rolling dough, how to cut and saute leeks, what cheeses pair well with this dish, and how to layer ingredients. After the aroma of sauteed leeks filled everyone’s kitchen, guests popped their cast iron quiche into the oven.

Bea T. With Her Finished Dishes

Then it was time to make a perfect pumpkin pie! Everyone was excited to create this dish because of the decadent pecan praline sauce that would top the pie. The group learned how to create pumpkin pie filling from scratch by making their own pumpkin pie spice. Once the filling was complete and poured into the pie, guests put their pies in the oven.

Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Pie

At the end of the event, Chef Natasha dubbed guests honorary “cutie pies,” her favorite term of endearment, and guests exclaimed that they were excited to recreate these delectable dishes for the holidays.

Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Pie With a Pecan Praline Sauce

Read all the awesome reviews and see spectacular pictures from this event on Yelp. Yelp Jacksonville would like to thank Mixed Fillings Pie Shop for providing attendees with a 5-star experience.