Five Haunted Historical Spots in Texas

Some places in Texas are pretty spooky, y’all. With its history of the untamed wild west and larger-than-life personalities, there are endless tall tales of hauntings across the state. Get in the Halloween spirit and read on for five of our favorite local Texas legends. 

Photo by Marie W. – Yelp 

1) Miss Molly’s Hotel – Fort Worth

Fort Worth is known as “where the west begins,” brimming with ghost stories from it’s wild west days. Miss Molly’s Hotel, originally a boarding school in 1910 and a popular bordello by the 40s, is one of Fort Worth’s most famous haunted spots. It seems as though some of the building’s past residents have decided to extend their stay. Over the years, guests have reported apparitions of women and girls, unexplained sounds and scents, objects disappearing and moving, and toilets flushing. Students from a parapsychology course at the local university, TCU, often visit Miss Molly’s to study the paranormal activity reported on site. 

Where to find ghosts: Miss Molly’s is located in the Historic Stockyards and has eight themed rooms available, each filled with unique antiques and authentic relics from its speakeasy days. While all eight rooms are said to have experienced hauntings, Miss Josie’s room is a favorite. The room is named after a former madam and is covered in lace. 

What Yelpers say: “Such an awesome little place to stay… They have books out for you to read about other people’s’ experiences while staying there… You’re right in the stock yards and within walking distance to several restaurants and bars. If you like the thrill of being ‘haunted,’ definitely check this place out!” – Yelp Elite, Jana B. 

Photo by The Adolphus Hotel Yelp

2) The Adolphus Hotel Dallas

The grand and historic Adolphus Hotel has been operating in Dallas since 1912 with 422 guest rooms, 127 executive suites, and 12 luxury suites. It has a long history of unexplainable phenomena, including guests feeling as if they’re being watched and followed. Guests and staff also report loud footsteps outside their doors, windows opening and shutting, doors slamming, and big band music playing. Many feel that because the Adolphus Hotel is so luxurious and enjoyable, past guests have decided to check-in after their death to stay throughout their afterlife. 

Where to find ghosts: Sightings have been reported all over The Adolphus, but the 19th floor is said to be its most haunted. During the 1930s, a bride-to-be was jilted on her wedding day. She is rumored to still be wandering the halls of the 19th floor, heartbroken and looking for her lover. Guests say they can hear her crying along with the sound of a music box playing 1930s era tunes. 

What Yelpers say: “Beautiful and elegant old hotel. The French Room is a must see. Great customer service. I asked for a ‘ghost-free’ room and they gladly accommodated.” – Jamie I. 


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3) San Fernando Cathedral – San Antonio 

This gorgeous Gothic style cathedral is the oldest, still-operating church in the Lone Star State, founded in 1731. From the Battle of the Alamo only half a mile away, to a short-lived peace treaty between the Apaches and Spaniards which resulted in a plague of smallpox, to the antiquated practice of burying bodies within the church’s walls and floors, the cathedral has a centuries-long history of hauntings. Guests have reported orb sightings, unexplained dancing shadows, figures appearing in photos, and faces emerging from the church’s exterior walls. 

Where to find ghosts: Many people have reported the apparition of a white stallion galloping outside, across the front of the church. Inside, there have been several sightings of monks from centuries past wandering the back of the church.  

What Yelpers say:Ghost seekers… This Cathedral is one of the stops on a local ghost hunt tour which I took because I am a dork sometimes… we were told that you can sense ‘cold spots’ and little shocks if you run your hands along the walls… Also, faces on the walls can be seen.” – Christina S. 


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4) The Littlefield House – Austin

This Victorian mansion located on the University of Texas at Austin campus was commissioned by Civil War veteran, banker, and rancher, George Littlefield. He and his wife, Alice, were major benefactors to the University and were beloved in the community. Stories say that Alice sadly suffered from severe paranoia in her later years and remained secluded in the attic. Refusing to send her to an asylum, George tended to her faithfully until his death in 1920. It is said that Alice recovered shortly after and lived a fulfilled life until her passing in 1935. Since then, University students and staff have reported endless ghost sightings, unexplained cold temperatures, and the sound of a woman screaming while running up and down the stairs.

Where to find ghosts: While the sound of screaming on the stairs doesn’t bode well, it is said that Alice is actually a friendly ghost who looks after students. Apparently she can be heard upstairs playing the piano, and her face can be seen looking out the mansion’s windows.

What Yelpers say: “You can clearly see a small orb of light come from the top floor window and travel slowly towards me as I approached the house. It disappears from view at the bottom of the video frame… Coincidence? Lightning bug? Ghost? I don’t know. I took it as a warning to not go further…” – Michelle G. 


Photo by Jaqueline M. – Yelp 

5) La Carafe – Houston 

La Carafe is said to be the oldest continuously operating commercial building in Houston. It was built in 1847 as a bakery and served hungry Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. In the 1950s it was reopened as a bar, and still exists as a popular wine bar today. Adorned in historical photographs, antiques, and candlelight, La Carafe has kept its vintage charm – and perhaps a few spirits. Patrons say they can sometimes hear the voice of original bartender, Carl, yelling “last call” at the end of the night. Others claim to feel cold spots and hear mysterious sounds like glass breaking, footsteps, and windows opening and shutting. 

Where to find ghosts: La Carafe is a two story bar, and some people say they’ve seen apparitions of a “woman in white” wandering the stairwell. Be cautious, apparently she’s tried to push people before!

What Yelpers say: “Hands down, best jukebox… Beer and wine only… With amazing service, friendly and quick. Urban legend says it’s haunted and occasionally you’ll run into paranormal investigators. It is romantic, great for a date.” – Yelp Elite, Antonio H. 

Feeling creeped out? The fun doesn’t have to end here. Check out this Yelp Collection of haunted locations for more spooky spots in Texas. Have you had your own ghastly experiences at a local business or landmark? Tell us in your Yelp reviews or create your own Collection of eerie dwellings!