Yelp In The Know: How to be a tourist in your own city

Hi friends, 

Itching to get out from underneath your weighted blanket and stale A/C? Is baking your own bread losing its luster and your appetite for a local focaccia growing stronger? Ok, last one, I promise… has the second round of cabin fever slowly begun creeping up on you? Whhhhat, too soon? We’re all feeling it and I’m here to tell you that you — are not — alone. And better yet, I know how to help!

To get you one step closer to fulfilling that inner urge to live your best life and explore a hidden land, try a new-to-you fruit, or discover a city’s best kept secret, my suggestion for you is this — Be a tourist in your own city! We all know there’s more out there than meets the eye. And lucky for us, we have this handy dandy tool called Yelp

In order to kick off your adventure day, open Yelp and head to the “Collections” section. My go-to is “Columbus’s Elite Picks” because it includes restaurant recommendations from fellow Elites. You likely have one similar in your own city. However, there’s plenty to choose from. Just make sure to pick one that stands out to you… If it excites you, you’ve found the one! You can’t put a ring on it but you can tap that “follow Collection” button and these local recommendations are yours forever. Interested in creating your own? It’s easy peasy, I promise you. Click here for step-by-step instructions and save your recent discoveries, whether a secret hiking trail or a brand new barbecue joint, be sure to keep these spots bookmarked for safe keeping.

Looking for a few pro-tips? Have your cell phone charged up with room in your camera roll for all the epic shots you’re destined to take on your journey. Also, be sure to double check each business in your Collection for COVID-19 updates before venturing out. Things are changing regularly all across North America and we want you to make the most out your day.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Who is this person? This person behind a screen that I’ve never met… I get it. If I were on the other end, that’s the first thing I would want to know too! So, I’ll give it to you straight. I’m the Yelp Community Manager in Columbus, Ohio, I’ve worked for Yelp for six years, and I’ve been on the Yelp Elite Squad for four. If you’re new to this scene and none of that means anything to you yet, let me switch it up. I have a passion for supporting local businesses in my community. It’s deeply rooted and I love spreading the word on the businesses I find. Yelp is obviously my number one resource for finding the blood, sweat, and tears, that my neighbors, friends, and total strangers, pour into our communities day in and day out. If that’s not enough reason to keep reading, peep my profile on Yelp. Oh, and check back here again. I’ll be back and I promise to keep it real with you about my experience being an avid Yelper and a local business advocate in my community. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll pen your first review and in a couple months time you could be sporting a 2020 Elite badge too!

Interested in keeping the local love flowing? We’d love for you to join us on the Yelp Elite Squad! Keep those fingertips busy with reviews and nominate yourself for a 2020 badge here