Yelp and Travelzoo present: “Hit The Road” A fall fueled travel adventure

Summer might be ending, but that doesn’t mean your road trips have to take a backseat to crisp weather and pumpkin spice. Gear up for fall road trip season as we highlight amazing pit stops tips from the deep south to the windy city! Questions that will be answered with this travelicious write up are… 

“Is hot chicken the only thing to eat in Nashville?!”
Brad B. – San Diego Elite Yelper

“Hotlanta. Even in the fall?”
Issabelle F. – Vancouver Elite Yelper

“Kentucky. Just horses and bourbon, right?”
Kayla R. – Las Vegas Elite Yelper

“What other outdoor activities can I do in Chicago besides taking a selfie at the Bean?”
Scott C. – Charleston Elite Yelper

Get the answers to these questions live during our virtual road trip event happening on 9/22/2020 – RSVP here for full event details!

Can’t make the event? The Yelp Community Manager bookmark collections highlighted below will give you plenty of places to see, eat and explore during your road trip travels. 

Gabe Saglie from Travelzoo has a few helpful tips for you to cover before you hit the road. Starting with COVID-19 precautions and car prep 101. 

1) Be COVID ready.
In anticipation of following rules and mandates at your destinations and at stops along the way. Help prevent the spread, be sure to pack the COVID essentials: extra masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer. Take a look at this Yelp safety checkpoint blog for tips.
2) Check your Car.
The tried and true road warrior proverb still applies; check your car’s fluid levels, tire pressure, and any maintenance due. Also, be sure you have easy to access copies of documents like your registration and insurance. Yelp has you covered when it come to local car maintenance businesses. 
3) App up.
Download apps that will keep you informed and safe along the way, like traffic and weather apps. These can help you gauge upcoming issues and, if necessary, tweak your route. As always, be sure to have the Travelzoo and Yelp apps handy to nab everything from hotel deals along the way, as well as places to eat and visit, and things to do!
4) Charge it. Download it.
Keeping everybody connected and entertained along the way means you should pack extra chargers and other tech toys. Remember the kids and make sure to download entertainment options for the road, along with snacks and games to keep the drive interesting. 
5) Involve the kids.
Whether it’s planning what to see, where to go, what playlist to blare in the car — involving the kids in the planning process can help ensure everyone is engaged and having fun. Any places you plan on visiting, eating or adventuring, double check to make sure they are kid appropriate. Yelp has many features on business listings that offer insight on changing tables, noise levels and kid friendly dining.
6) Fido facts.
Bringing your pet along? Do your research, some hotels brands have no pet fees, while others can charge up to $100+ per night and can have weight restrictions. Pets rules can change drastically from hotel to hotel, double check that your furry friends are even allowed on the property. Is your pet a service animal? Make sure to carry the proper paperwork.  
7) Check rental rates.
Rental car companies are offering extra savings and incentives during COVID, so compare rental options versus the wear and tear your own vehicle might take. Rental companies can also offer third party roadside assistance for flat ties and dead batteries. Check with the rental company or your own insurance to see if these services are offered at minimal cost.
8) Budget for parking.
In many cities, overnight hotel parking rates can be $60 or more, so budget accordingly… many of the stops you’ll want to make along the way, like state parks and museums may also charge for parking. Depending on your route, look out and budget for tolls. 

9) Have a plan, but keep it loose.
Plan on never going below a half-tank of gas or getting off the highway before the sun goes down, for you and your family’s safety. Don’t overload your schedule; unexpected road closures, traffic delays, or just wanting to stay somewhere longer can really throw a wrench in super tight travel plans. 
10) Have fun!
Traveling is supposed to be relaxing experience and with proper planning and a full tank of gas, you’re road trip adventure will go off without a hitch… unless you’re towing a camper. HA!

You’ve followed Gabe’s instructions, packed the car, and now you’re ready to hit the road and see the sights!

Now, where to?!

The Yelp Community Managers of Atlanta, Nashville, Louisville, Indy, and Chicago have all created a road trip and city focused bookmark collections for you! These all feature hot local eating spots, outdoor explorations and the finest fall finds in their cities. Click each link below for some bookmark inspiration for your own road trip collections. Safe travels!

Collection by Atlanta Yelp CM – Christina V.

Collection by Nashville Yelp CM – Nate M.

Collection by Louisville Yelp CM – Emily H.

Collection by Indianapolis Yelp CM – Niki B.

Collection by Chicago Yelp CM – Alex C.

Please be mindful of health and social distancing practices during your travels and only head into restaurants, museums, or public spaces if you feel safe. Check the business on Yelp for their latest COVID guidelines, updates, and whether it’s open.

Find more Yelp COVID information here.