Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes Shares Favorite Spots Around San Diego

As the lead singer and guitarist for the band Pierce The Veil, Vic Fuentes is not only a platinum recording artist with 1.4 million Instagram followers, he’s also the CEO of the Living The Dream Foundation, a non-profit foundation that helps children and young adults living with life-threatening illnesses stay positive, maintain hope, and appreciate each and every day.

Besides being a musician and philanthropist, he’s also a San Diego native with a ton of local knowledge, and we decided to look through the lens of a local legend to mix things up a bit! Get a better perspective on what a born and bred San Diego rockstar does with his time and money in America’s Finest City. 

Q: Many people may not know that you can find a slew of non-food related businesses on Yelp. As a career musician, what is a favorite business when it comes to feeding your musical soul and is not a dining establishment?

A: The Repair Zone is a San Diego musician’s staple for guitar repairs and tune-ups. I’ve been taking my guitars to Fred since I was 16—and I am 37 now! He is so supportive of local music and really knows his stuff, too. Such an amazingly talented person and just a great guy to work with. Thanks for everything, Fred! 

Q: Fans of Pierce The Veil know that the band is a true family affair, with you on guitar and your kid brother on drums. In fact, your father has even made an appearance on your studio albums and also at an occasional live show. Do you have a favorite family-centric business in San Diego?

A: Color Your World Paint is my dad’s painting company! He’s been painting houses since 1988, that’s 32 years now! If you need a true professional who you can trust to paint your home/business properly, he is the man for the job. My favorite thing about seeing my dad paint houses for so long is that he truly loves what he does. It brings him so much joy and he puts his heart and soul into his work. He is truly a master of his craft.  

Q: While we know it’s hard, if you had to pick a business from your list of faves, what establishment would you deem as one of your favorite restaurants in San Diego?

A: Little Lion Cafe. My girlfriend and I consider this one of our favorite restaurants in San Diego. It’s a woman-owned business. Artisanal breakfast/brunch spot with a European style cozy cafe feel. Try the soyrizo tacos, they will change your life. The people here are incredibly sweet and genuine. [Its] located right by Sunset Cliffs so you can go for a little stroll on the beach if there’s a wait.  

Q: Your fans often comment on your unique and very “Southern California” surf/skate style. On that note, where does Vic Fuentes shop to complete his iconic PTV frontman look?

A: Emerald City Surf Shop is located on the main drag in Coronado. The people here are so friendly and just exude a ton of positive energy. I always shop here before I go out on tour to stock up on clothes. They have an amazing selection of surf brand clothing, surfboards, shoes, etc. It’s a great place to stop and shop if you’re walking around the Coronado area.  

Q: Okay, let’s pretend that it’s happy hour during the most normal of times. Where are you hitting up around the neighborhood for a tasty craft cocktail?

A: Polite Provisions is my favorite cocktail bar in San Diego! I absolutely love the decor and vibe. You can tell that they have put a ton of work into creating a beautiful place for people to converse and drink. The service is great even when it’s crowded. The drinks are creative and delicious and the employees seem very proud of where they work. Great place for a fancy cocktail date night.  

Q: Guitar shops, surf shops, local watering holes, and off-the-beaten-path restaurants definitely speak to the Vic Fuentes that millions of Instagram followers have come to know and love, but is there a business that we may not expect a guy like you to frequent?

A: Native Poppy. You haven’t seen truly pretty flowers until you’ve been to Native Poppy! I honestly have no idea where they get them from or how, but they’ve curated the most impressive collection of rare and beautiful flowers that I’ve ever seen in my life. I highly recommend swinging by the shop to see what they have. They also have a small section of the store that is dedicated to supporting small and local businesses with lots of great candles, holiday cards, and fun little decor items. 

Q: We know you’re an early bird, so where do you go to fuel up on the most important meal of the day (can you say breakfast?!) before a weekend bike ride or an early morning sunrise hike?

A: Brother’s Family Restaurant is my favorite down home cookin’ style breakfast spot. Back to the basics of just simple, tried and true, classic recipes that never disappoint. The food here is so delicious and the prices are more than reasonable. My girlfriend and I have become great friends with some of the employees over the years because they are all so warm and welcoming. I love the chicken fried steak here! 

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