What If Pets Were Foodies Too?

In a way they kind of are! Okay, so our pets can’t write Yelp reviews. But if they could, would they give five stars for the food we are feeding them?

On Thursday, September 10th, pet lovers on Yelp joined SPCA Tampa Bay for the scoop on proper pet nutrition. The live discussion was led by Hill’s Science Diet veterinarian, Dr. Kirpensteijn. With over 250 lectures under his belt, this was nothing new for Dr. Kirpensteijn, except for one fun detail. This was his first Yelp event!

Dr. Kirpensteijn kept it light and easy to digest (pun!) for this crowd of pet owners who are far from experts.

Bruce K. Yelp Elite Charlotte, NC
With glowing reviews like this and more from the event; we feel comfortable declaring Dr. Kirpensteijn a Yelp event pro!

The interactive discussion was built off of the core elements of pet nutrition. These include water, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Guests were shocked with facts like fats provide 2.5 times the energy of protein and carbs. And also learned insight regarding the importance of nutrition at different life stages for their pets. 

With a Q&A to close the evening, guests got to ask a range of specific questions. Tahirih asked how a diet change can mitigate the negative impacts of outdoor allergies on a dog. While Erin, who will be taking home a new pup next week, wanted to know if there are benefits to feeding a pet wet and dry food.

We could fill hours with questions and thankfully Dr. Kirpensteijn and The SPCA Tampa Bay are here to answer them. So in the end, what is the scoop on proper pet nutrition? Balance! Our pets are foodies just like us, they crave differentiated diets, not just fuel.

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A special thank you  to Dr. Kirpensteijn and Hill’s Pet’s Nutrition for this extraordinary opportunity. To learn more about all things pets, consider listening to  Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn’s podcast: Purrpodcast. And follow Hill’s on Instagram at @HillsPet.