Jacksonville Presents Bourbon Cocktail Class with St. Augustine Distillery

On Wednesday, August 26th, over 175 local Yelpers from across North America participated in a virtual bourbon cocktail class with St. Augustine Distillery. At this event, Yelpers mastered how to create three accessible bourbon cocktails, learned about the history of the St. Augustine Distillery, and had a chance to chat with other Yelpers from across North America.

When guests arrived to the virtual room, they were greeted by several Florida Community Managers, The Bourbon Baron himself; Clark Gilmore, Co-Founder and CEO of St. Augustine Distillery; Philip McDaniel, and Brand Ambassador; Zoe McDaniel. 


Philip McDaniel shared some of the history behind St. Augustine Distillery. Guests learned that this is a family-owned and operated small business in the heart of the oldest city in the US. St. Augustine Distillery prides itself on creating their products by hand and utilizing locally sourced Florida ingredients. All spirits are distilled and bottled by St. Augustine Distillery. They’re passionate about sharing what goes into each bottle and how it’s done with the community. 

Clark Gilmore shared his deep love for all things bourbon. He discovered his passion for bourbon by working at a liquor store. Clark has spent tons of time learning and researching about the history of bourbon. Clark looks forward to sharing his passion and knowledge for America’s whiskey with guests and customers. 

The first drink Clark introduced was the Bourbon Palmer. Everyone was excited to try a light, refreshing and summery drink, which was perfect for the hot/humid nights in Florida. This drink was easy for participants to follow along. After Clark’s demonstration, Yelpers were eager to go into breakout rooms, enjoy their cocktail, and get to know each other. After about ten minutes of lively flowing conversation, enjoying their refreshing libation, guests headed back to the main virtual room to learn about the second drink.

The second drink on deck was the Maple Bourbon Smash. Our chat feature blew up with comments from guests saying how excited they were to try this drink. Guests were excited to find a drink that was not only refreshing, but also was a perfect drink for the autumn season. Guests head back into different breakout rooms, getting to know different Yelpers from across North America and enjoy their drink.

The third and final drink was a classic Bourbon Old Fashioned. Clark shared St. Augustine’s secret, which is utilizing their very own Old Fashioned mix. After the third and final drink, guests headed to their last breakout room of the night to enjoy their nightcap and conversation. 

Read all the awesome reviews and see the spectacular pictures from this event here. Yelp Jacksonville and Yelp Florida would like to thank St. Augustine Distillery, including Philip and Clark, for providing attendees with a 5-star experience.