Highly-rated Latinx coffee shops in the U.S.

Campesino Coffee House photo by Michelle L, Yelp

Coffee is undoubtedly a part of American culture. We very much love and need our double shot espresso, nitro cold brews, and oat milk lattes – to-go and STAT, please. But what happens when you slow things down, spice things up, and savor the moment? Welcome to Latinx coffee culture.

Latin American countries are the largest producers of coffee. And when small, quality, and fair trade batches make their way to local Latinx-owned coffee houses right here in the U.S., consumers are in for a full sensorial experience. The colors, the flavors, the aroma, the sounds, and even warmth and hospitality the Latinx culture is universally known for, are the many things consumers are treated to when patronizing these businesses. 

With the help of our community, we rounded up a list of the top Latinx-owned coffee shops right here in the U.S. where you can enjoy coffee, conversation, community, and culture.

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Barista Del Barrio photo by Becky I, Yelp

Barista Del Barrio – Tucson, Arizona
This family-run businesses is owned and operated by Flavia Barones and her two children Sergio and Ariana. Established in 2017, it first started off as a coffee cart and later expanded to a brick and mortar (with a patio). Today, the cart sits outside on display, and locals flock to Barista Del Barrio for the unique and delicious coffee drinks and epic breakfast burritos. It’s no surprise they have a solid 5-star Yelp rating and 250+ Yelp reviews. Coffee beans come from popular small-batch roaster Decibel Coffee, which sources their beans sustainably from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and other countries.

What to order: Their signature drink is the Barrio Cold Brew sweetened with half and half and La Lechera; the Barrio Hochessa which is homemade horchata and espresso; and the Mexican Hot Choco Latte.

Photo by Café Corazón, Yelp

Café Corazón – Kansas City, Missouri
Celebrating its one year anniversary and a solid five star rating, Café Corazón features specialty Latinx coffee and espresso drinks and traditional yerba mate inspired by owners Curtis and Miel Herrera’s Mexican and Argentinian roots, respectively. Yelpers rave about the breakfast burritos, tamales, Mexican pastries, local art, reliable wifi, and welcoming service.

What to order: Spicy Mayan Mocha, Dulce de Leche Latte, and Cafe Sevilla are fan favorites. “I enjoyed the Cafe Sevilla – a mocha consisting of a dark Mexican chocolate and a touch of orange zest – one of my favorite flavor pairings.” Ralphie S, Yelp Elite

Café y Chocolate photo by Deepika R, Yelp

Café y Chocolate – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
This beloved South Philly Mexican café is well known for their incredible brunch, churros, and coffee drinks. “I was instantly impressed by the friendly owner, cozy atmosphere, and impressive coffee menu.” –Mindy C, Yelp

What to order: The Oaxaca chocolate is a fan fave, but for an added dose of caffeine, order the café con chocolate. “I can’t help but always order the café con chocolate (two shots of espresso with Mexican hot chocolate). It’s out of this world!” –Maddie B, Yelp

Café Nena’i photo by Sebastian B, Yelp

Café Nena’i – Austin, Texas
This South American coffee shop is owned and operated by mother-daughter duo Elena Sanguinetti and Gladys Benitez. “Nena’i” in the Guarani language means “little girl,” a nickname of Sanguinetti as she grew up in Paraguay; and the café itself serves as symbol to little girls to follow their dreams. The menu pays homage to the owners’ Paraguayan and Argentine roots, and a variety of national influences including (but not limited to) Cuba and Venezuela.

What to order: Cocido de Leche which is an infusion of yerba mate with milk. “So glad I got this! The owner explained to me that yerba mate comes from a plant and is caffeinated but contains a lower amount than coffee. She also said it’s culturally significant in South American countries and she has many positive memories sharing it with her family.” –Raveena S, Yelp Elite

Campesino Coffee House photo by Eugene Lee Images

Campesino Coffee House – Houston, Texas
Owner Hernan Villalobos is truly living the American Dream. As a young child, he and his family fled El Salvador during the Civil war and sought refuge in Houston, Texas. After decades of hardships and hard work, he is now the proud owner of two successful Houston businesses, Etro and Campesino Coffee House. Campesino is a bungalow coffee house with Latinx coffee drinks made from Central and South American coffee beans roasted locally in Houston. As for bites, score a variety of pan dulces, tamales, empanadas, and sandwiches from various Latinx countries. 

What to order: Horchata iced latte, café con leche, vampiro juice, and other traditional and innovative Latinx drinks round out the menu. “Café de olla? That is where you go for one. It is so good, it reminds me of the coffee my abuelita makes.” –Virginia O, Yelp

Colada Shop photo by Kimi S, Yelp

Colada Shop – Washington, D.C.
This lively and vibrant woman-owned Cuban café is the D.C. destination for Cuban coffee, cocktails and culture. “Their catch phrase, ‘come curious, leave Cuban,’ is apt. This adorably cozy and colorful spot is more than just your average coffee shop,” shares Yelp Elite Janel Y. D.C. area caffeine fanaticos should be happy to learn they opened a second location in The Wharf.

What to order: The Havana cold brew and Colada (4 shots espresso, sweet Cuban crema, served to share) are fan faves, but the ultimate must is the cortaditos made with sweet Cuban crema.

Dia Del Café photo by Rissa M, Yelp

Dia Del Café – San Diego, California
This authentic coffee shop has been serving up Mexican coffee drinks and pan dulces since September 2018. “I got an iced horchata latte which hit the spot. The decor is super fun, and they even have an art gallery in the back room with rotating themes. I absolutely love the artsy, Mexican theme of this place and the service cannot be beat.” Sara Z, Yelp Elite

What to order: If you’re a fan of Mazan candy, you gotta check out the Mazapa latte. “Holy smokes it’s amazing,” Maria M yelps. “They make it with an actual Mazapan. Mazapan is a delicious almond Mexican candy. It’s nutty, smooth and rich.”

Photo by Gokí Café, Yelp

Gokí Café – Arcadia, California
This family-owned coffee house pays homage to both the family’s Mexican roots and to the city of SGV. The Beregokí is a royal bird and recognizable symbol of Arcadia; and “noble” or “royal” in Zapoteco (the native language of Oaxanas), translates to “gokí.” Patrons can choose from a variety of aguas frescas, pastries, mole, molletes, Oaxacan teas, and Mexican coffees from the menu.

What to order: “The classic Goki latte has cinnamon, agave, and honey with a subtle chocolate flavor – it was rich in flavor and delicious!” –Angelica F, Yelp Elite

Golden Drops Café photo by Mary L, Yelp

Golden Drops Café – Decatur, Georgia
For a taste of the Latin Americas, Yelpers in the ATL turn to Golden Drops Café for the Latinx-inspired drinks, bites, and sweets. Yelper Stan H shares: “Victor (owner) is passionate about his coffee, and it shows in the the flavor and quality. The beans are from El Salvador, and the story he tells makes this a one of a kind coffee shop.”

What to order: “The Golden latte is a dream come true, and I actually think about it so often,” Sajana P, yelps. “It’s so delicious and has spices like cinnamon and ginger! Highly, highly, highly recommend it!”

Horchateria Rio Luna photo by Holly P, Yelp

Horchateria Rio Luna – Paramount, California
Established in 2016 by married couple Ashley Leon-Vazquez and David Vazquez, this coffee shop specializes in organic coffee from Mexico and Latin America, aguas frescas, homemade horchata and churros! Jizelle O shares: “If you love churros, coffee, horchata, conchas or just have a sweet tooth, then Horchateria Rio Luna is the spot to check out!”

What to order: Mazapan Frappe, green tea horchata, or the Oaxacan horchata made with pitaya sorbet, melon Chunks, walnuts and coconut flakes. “The Oaxacan horchata is to die for! It’s so refreshing and not overly sweet.” –Becky S, Yelp

La Perlita photo by T.E., Yelp

La Perlita – Portland, Oregon 
Reforma Roasters founder Angel Medina began roasting coffee beans in his Portland apartment as an effort to raise money for non-profit United We Dream, a youth led organization assisting the immigrant community. Months later in 2017, La Perlita (formerly El Kiosko) opened as the only Mexican-American owned coffee shop in PDX, which serves ethically sourced Mexican coffee beans. Blends include: Suavecito blend with notes of flan, Mazapan, and duvalin; Con Leche blend with notes of baker’s chocolate and smoky vanilla bean. “I not only love their True Mexican Mocha but love what La Perlita stands for and represents.” –Patricia P, Yelp Elite

What to order: “True Mexican – Get their signature. You have to! What really set it off was the dried berries on top. Sour but so good with the latte. Sip in with the lid open. You won’t regret it.” –Jenn C, Yelp Elite

Sabor Miami Café & Gallery photo by Bill M, Yelp

Sabor Miami Café & Gallery – Cleveland, Ohio
“The most colorful little corner in the CLE!” Mary D, yelps. “It’s no wonder Sabor Miami has five stars. It’s amazing and truly one of a kind!” The café pays homage to owner Mariela Paz’s native country of Honduras, as well as her former home city of Miami, along with other Latinx countries, Mexico, Cuba, and Peru.

What to order: “The highlights on the menu include very creative café drinks like a mojito coffee drink, Mayan mocha, homemade horchata, and several other options along those lines.” –Brittany S, Yelp Elite

Sambalatte photo by Nadine C, Yelp

Sambalatte – Las Vegas, Nevada
Brazilian born and Sambalatte owner Luiz C. Oliveira, featuring unique coffee beans from small and sustainable farmers from Brazil and around the globe

What to order: Matcha Xen Latte – or anything with latte art. “Came for the rainbow latte art and stayed for the amazing flavors! I got the rose flavor and it was the perfect balance with sweet floral notes but not overly sweet.” –Priya S, Yelp

The Stockyard Coffeehouse photo Komal A, Yelp

The Stockyard Coffeehouse – Chicago, Illinois
This women- and Latinx- owned coffee shop is located in the historic South Side neighborhood of Bridgeport. “The coffee selection is amazing and I could not ask for more. My sister and I have explored many cafés in Chicago, and this is the best café we have laid our taste buds upon.” –Celine M, Yelp

What to order: Their signature drink, the Mexican Mocha with your choice of milk and espresso

Tinta y Café photo Adrian A, Yelp

Tinta y Café – Miami, Florida
In the luxe Coral Gables neighborhood is where you’ll find this casual patio café, complete with a window for walkup orders – AKA a ventanita, a staple in Miami coffee culture. From Cuban eats to Cuban drinks, it attracts locals and tourists alike. “First on that Cuban sandwich. Someone really knows their Cubanos in this kitchen… It’s one of the best in Miami,” yelps Joe D.

What to order: “The café con leche is probably the best I’ve had in Miami.” –Yaniel C, Yelp

Photo by Tres Leches Café, Yelp

Tres Leches Café – Phoenix, Arizona
This second location of the original Tres Leches Café offers a drive-thru window, which patrons can appreciate. “Best place for an unimaginable drink experience! Coffee, aqua and pan dulce,” Mercedes C yelps. “Customer service from start to finish is excellent.”

What to order: Café Churros, Tres Aztecas and any of their aguas sucias. “Everything is delicious there. I personally love the Café Churro,” Evelyn B shares. “My friend had the Agua Sucia de Coco and said it was the perfect balance between coconut water and coffee.”

Zendo photo by Alice W, Yelp

Zendo – Albuquerque, New Mexico
Owner Pilar Westell operates this highly rated café located in the diverse downtown Albuquerque neighborhood. The locally roasted beans are sourced from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia, and sold by the bag – or in a deliciously brewed cup. Sip on faves like café con leche or the Aztec latte (dark chocolate with cayenne pepper), and enjoy the gallery walls filled with local art. “This café is clean, modern, and unpretentious. I love the artsy vibes…” –Krista S, Yelp Elite

What to order: Café “De La Olla,” the East LA classic done in the Zendo style. Orange, Piloncillo, and Cinnamon syrup made in house, blended with espresso and served cold or hot over your choice of milk.