Composting Starts And Ends With Community

No, really! The word com is a prefix which literally means “together.” During these days, we need as much together as we can get. Saving the planet together? Count us in! 

On Thursday, August 24th, Yelpers joined forces to create a better world by learning how to compost. The lesson was presented by Tampa based “former maggot farmers,” Paul and Kali. When Paul and Kali aren’t taking care of a growing family, animals, composting, and working full time jobs, they are running Suncoast Compost.  And somehow they even managed to fit us into their busy schedule. 

The session started with the basics of composting; the how and the why. Spoiler alert: There are a lot of whys. 1.3 million of them! Once Yelpers had a solid foundation on the elements of composting, they watched as Paul and Kali demonstrated an actual compost pile. Building their compost took all of 12 minutes! Our event hosts even took time to do a live question and answer session for event attendees. 

Thanks to founders, Paul and Kali, for sharing with us the squishy delights of backyard composting… I realize I still have much to learn about how to turn people food into plant food and then back into people food. Watching several thousand larvae tear apart a Big Mac and large fries was the cherry on top of a delightfully educational hour.

Brian L. Yelp Elite New Jersey

The encouragement in knowing there’s no way to “mess up” composting, the knowledge behind how to compost, and the passion for the mission, has us feeling ready to compost at home. Thank you Suncoast Compost for this funducational experience. Who knew a cleaner world was so dependent on dirt? 

Like us Yelpers, Paul and Kali live for local. They compiled several resources for attendees that can get them plugged into their own local composting culture. While giving shout-outs to Tampa Bay businesses like Black Crow Coffee, Florida’s first zero waste coffee shop. As well as BioBag, a green compost bag supplier. They also include special homage to local artist Sarah Page

Suncoast Compost is offering ONE FREE MONTH of composting services right now with promo code COMPOST2020. For more information and to sign up for their services, head to Follow them on Instagram @suncoastcompost to keep up with all the dirt.