Hometown Hero: Your Local HVAC Technician

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As we head into the ‘dog days of summer’ and beyond, it’s important we know how to stay cool by learning more about one of our homes biggest investments, it’s HVAC systems. 

We sat down with one of our hometown heroes, Jerad Bower, owner and operator of The Cool Guys Inc, in Omaha, Nebraska. With almost 20 years of experience under his toolbelt, he started The Cool Guys in 2017 with a goal of being the most reliable and most affordable technician in town. He stands by his slogan, “No More Bad Air Days.”

We asked Jerad a couple HVAC 101 questions to get you started on your own A/C journey.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Working this industry for almost 20 years, I know that I am able to help a customer quickly, reliably and for a lot less than bigger companies. I like being out with my family, or at the grocery store and recognizing customers and hearing how well they’re doing after our services. I also really like getting to work in so many different parts of Omaha. No day is the same for me, which keeps it engaging and fun. 

What does HVAC mean? What kind of services do you provide?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Customers can call for air conditioner and furnace repair or new unit installation, as well as helping maintain each unit by replacing air filters. Additional services include carbon monoxide safety checks, efficiency checks, and even warranty checks. While these types of checks aren’t always top of mind, your local HVAC technicians will likely offer them. 

When is it time to call an HVAC technician?
When you notice the thermostat isn’t what you set it to, you want to give us a call. This could be when it jumps up when it should be low and vice verse in the winter.

If someone in the household has health concerns, like asthma or pet allergies, for example, adding a high quality air filter can help keep problematic particles out of the air. Humidifiers, are also a great tool for keeping your air moving properly through your home. If you feel like air isn’t circulating well, you may need a new one.

If you’re wanting to make one room warmer or cooler than others, we can move around return duct work to kind of customize where the air flow is directed.

Can you diagnose an issue over the phone?
Most times we can walk a customer through getting their pilot light on, having them look at their systems to see if it’s leaking and give them instruction to test on their units  before we come out and charge for a service call. Over the phone diagnostics are free and depending on the issue, can save time and money for the homeowner.

What’s the best way to maintain a home’s HVAC systems?
Consistently change your air filters. Make sure the air around your furnace isn’t polluted with a lot of dust or near a dryer that isn’t venting well. Always make sure you have the right size filters. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve pulled out filters that are half of the size they should be.
Keep the condenser coil clean and landscaping at a good distance from your A/C. Also, anytime you’re working with the thermostat, turn the switch off at the furnace so it won’t short anything.

What is an UV air purifier and why is now the best time to get one?
It’s actually a relatively new addition to the HVAC world. It’s a UV light bulb that is installed above the evaporator coil in the airstream duct work, it’s inside the house. The UV light kills bacteria and viruses that live in the air, additionally, they kill mold and fungus. They improve airflow and the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, as well as eliminating the need for regular duct cleaning.

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