Sixteen Candles For Tampa Bay Heroes

If 2020 has a theme it is this: we are all in this together.

On Friday night, it couldn’t have been more true. Yelpers from all over the country invited the team at The Candle Pour into their homes. Likewise, The Candle Pour team invited Yelpers into their hearts.

Charnell S.

Yelpers watched as Dennis Akers, founder and master candle maker, poured a soy candle in real time! He mixed 3 scents: gardenia, rain, and earth. Do you have goosebumps just thinking about it? We do! Dennis then combined the oils with wax from a machine that poured at a little above 150 degrees. Once the candle set, he torched it in a method he referred to as “glazing” (folks, don’t try this at home). Suddenly, voila: a custom candle. 

Because scent is so personal, the Yelpers then got to meet The Candle Pour one-on-one.  The scent-sational consultants advised us on combinations using over 100 scents to choose from. They helped us build candles, diffusers, and room sprays by asking questions such as: Where will the candle live? What time of day will we be using the diffuser?

They even asked about the types of foods we like to eat! Read all about the creative combinations Yelpers made here. 

Sixteen candles donated just in time to celebrate Yelp’s Sweet 16...
Left photo: The Candle Pour
Bottom Photo: Hannah H.

This perfectly customized experience had us bonding over the polarizing smell of rose and the benefits of adding champagne to well…everything! Together we designed signature scents, tapped into our senses in new ways, and made friends! This event proves again that community is still possible in a socially distant world. The Candle Pour was able to donate 16 candles to 16 healthcare heroes at Tampa General Hospital thanks to the purchases made by Yelpers who attended this event.

Special thanks to Dennis and his awesome team at The Candle Pour for taking the time and sharing their craft with the Yelp community.

Jazmin G

We are so grateful for the team at The Candle Pour taking an evening to bring us together. The Candle Pour is currently operating online at Orders can be shipped nationwide! Keep an eye out on their Instagram: @thecandlepour for changes. They will be taking small, private parties in person again soon! Read more about The Candle Pour’s donation efforts during this time here.