Support Black-owned coffee shops and tea houses

Coffee purists and caffeine cravers, rejoice! Whether you need a jolt before you wake up the kids or jump straight to your laptop to work, we know the importance of that cup of coffee. We’re helping you start your day right with this round-up of Yelp’s highly-rated Black-owned coffee shops and tea houses to support now and always.

Photo by Yelper Merichelle V

A.T. Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop (Phoenix, AZ)
The A.T. Oasis Coffee and Tea Shop was founded in 2013 by owner Aisha Tedros. Aisha, from Eritrea, just north of Ethiopia, envisioned a neighborhood gathering place where people could experience both the rich flavors and beautiful traditions of Ethiopian coffee. Julia T reports: “Hands down best coffee beans in the valley. They import their coffee from Ethiopia where they are from. This is a family owned business and they make you feel valued as a customer. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Photo by Yelper Jowel G

The Reverse Orangutan (Glendora, CA)
Located in a co-working space, The Reverse Orangutan is currently the only coffee roaster in Glendora, CA. Their goal is to create a sustainable, locally driven, inclusive, coffee centric environment to share with the local community. Angel C shares “From their coffee to their service, everything here is superb. For it being a locally owned business, the owner (Jamil) treats his business so priceless and cares so much for what he does. From roasting their own beans, to creating their own merchandise and even supporting other local businesses by throwing local artists on their Spotify playlist and having local pastries.”


Photo by Calabash Tea & Tonic

Calabash Tea & Tonic (Washington, DC)
Yelpers have a love affair with this cozy tea shop owned by Sunyatta Amen, a fifth-generation master herbalist and naturopath dedicated to bringing her special brand of healing to the District. Yelper Reana K says about the shop: “Calabash is like a whole other planet. A warm and cozy planet that wraps you up with good flavors, good for you potions, and good vibes. Even when they’ve got a line, Calabash just oozes relaxation, which I think is good for a tea spot. I’m a sucker for their house-made chai, as well as for their matcha. Each cup comes with some wisdom or kind words to take with you through the day.”

Photo by Sextant Coffee Roasters

Sextant Coffee Roasters (San Francisco, CA)
Founded by Kinani Ahmed, a first-generation American born in Ethiopia, Sextant works directly with farmers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, and elsewhere to showcase the most flavorful coffees from around the world. Anthony C reports: “Sextant has delicious coffee with an excellent fruity almost citrusy tang. Friendly service at the counter and nice tables and space to hang out or work.”

Photo by Yelper Timothy S

Dream Muscle Coffee (Kansas City, MO)
Dream Muscle Coffee was founded in 2016 by Timothy Shockley, a Kansas City native and retired professional athlete to fill the niche of creating high quality, handcrafted, protein coffee drinks. Yelper Carm C says: “I am a huge coffee person and I love when I can make it healthy. I tried the mocha flavored protein coffee and it was amazing! Next on my list to try is bulletproof coffee. I am excited for what they have in store and what new things they will come up with.”

Photo by Yelper Krina S

Franny Lou’s Porch (Philadelphia, PA)
Owned by Blew Kind, a mother, community organizer and student of the African Diaspora. She has been in the coffee industry since she was 14 years old and sees her gift to offer positive change in this dark world is to facilitate a space for community voice, education, and activism. Yelper Lauren A describes Franny Lou’s Porch as a “Beautiful, cozy, community centric spot with delicious beverages and specialty drinks all named after radical thinkers and revolutionaries! This is a close-knit community space that is unique and wholesome.”

Photo by Yelper Rachel M

Narrow Way Cafe and Shop (Detroit, MI)
Brothers Jon and David, transformed their church bookstore into a coffee shop and cafe to meet the needs of the Straight Gate International Church both physically and spiritually. Jen A says: “Narrow Way Cafe & Shop’s style is modern, simple and neighborhood-y. There is an excellent selection of baked goods (sweet & savory), coffees and teas available here. These could easily rival any other coffee house that I’ve patronized. It’s a great place to pause for refreshments between running errands, or sit down to catch up with friends.”

Photo by Yelper Von H

Tea’s Me Cafe (Indianapolis, IN)
Recipient of the very first ESPN Humanitarian award, sixteen season WNBA player, author, and creator of the Catch the Stars Foundation serving youth, there is nothing Tea’s Me Cafe owner Tamika Catchings seemingly can’t do. She took over the Tea’s Me Cafe space to provide guests with a sense of “communi-tea” and to experience teas from around the world. Yelper, Cecily B writes, “I love a quiet afternoon at Tea’s Me! Like the caffeine addict that I am, I frequent local coffee shops but Tea’s Me has become my preferred place to meet in the community for a while. They offer an assortment of teas and baked goods, as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu. You can get your tea iced, hot or by the pot!”

Photo by Yelper Tiff H

Gilly Brew Bar (Stone Mountain, GA)
Founded in 2016 by Daniel Brown, Gilly Brew Bar is more than just a coffee shop! It is a brand with a mission to serve neighborhoods and revitalize communities by providing jobs, beautify the city and develop affordable homes. A percentage of their proceeds go back into the community strategically, bringing stability for the most vulnerable populations. Yelper Keila B reports: “These are not drinks. It’s liquid art. This week alone, I tried the ‘Flocka’ which is a game-changer. I’ve had the ‘Oh Sheep’ and my personal fav so far, ‘The Moss’ a mix of ginger beer and matcha. They also hit me with the ‘Dirty Chico’ today and oh my gosh I don’t know how they accomplish such bursts of flavor!”

Photo by Yelper Evelin F

Red Bay Coffee Public Roastery (Oakland, CA)
Red Bay Coffee Roasters was founded in 2014 by Keba Konte, a renowned artist with deep roots in the San Francisco Bay Area specialty coffee and hospitality industry. Red Bay Coffee is not only committed to high quality coffee, but a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. Jennifer P says: “Red Bay Coffee is my go to spot whenever I need a quick pick-me-up. There’s lots of plants and a gorgeous Africa centerpiece on the wall…Now for the coffee. Their beans are so flavorful. If you have their drop or cold brew coffee black you can really taste all the notes of the bean they have at hand.”

Photo by Yelper George N

Lighthouse Coffee (Sparks, NV)
Todd and Melanie Prinz beat out the big dogs to stake their claim in the Nevada local coffee scene. They began making customers smile in Sparks, sourcing and roasting their own beans on a small batch (5lb) roaster in the middle of the original location. Popularity grew and they slowly expanded both retail and wholesale operations, at one time operating 4 outposts, now focusing on two locations, a roastery, and a healthy wholesale business serving their coffee across the community! Jenee K reports: “This is a family-owned and run business. The father and son roast, the mother bakes, the daughter manages and the other son does the marketing and social media. How awesome is that?! I also was blessed with bags of coffee from the family to try and WOW. What a treat to wake up to! I recommend trying their Guatemala and their natural roasts!”

Looking for more ways to support Black-owned businesses? Earlier this month, Yelp launched a searchable attribute that allows businesses to self-identify as Black-owned. The new searchable Black-owned business attribute is free and opt-in only, as the decision to self-identify as Black-owned should rest solely with the business.