Orlando vs Tampa Bay, in a Trivia Battle

Trivia is the ultimate way to test your knowledge of all kinds of interesting facts. And as it turns out, it’s also an awesome way to learn cool things about new friends. 

The Tampa Bay Elite Squad joined forces to meet and compete with Orlando’s Elite Squad Tuesday night. The trivia questions came in three rounds. City Fun Facts, Netflix, and Pop Culture. Did you know Netflix currently has 1,500 original titles? 

We can all agree what we loved learning the most was about each other. We heard from Brett H. about his experiences as a pilot, Chris W. told his juicy story meeting our beloved Jeremy Stoppelman, and all Elites loved gushing about their hometown favorites. When Heather S. gave a shout out to Bern’s, the entire Tampa Bay Squad could concur: 5 stars. 

In the end, Orlando took home the victory. The Tampa Bay Squad wishes them the best of luck as they move on to the semifinals and represent the state of Florida! Thank you to Andi P., Orlando’s fearless leader for sharing your Squad and so much city love with us. 

Heather S. shares a photo of her cocktails to-go from Intermezzo!


 To find out who eventually wins the full enchilada, follow along with Virtual Elite Experience: Battle of the Cities Competition event page. You can also read about the Elite Squad’s  experiences across the country. 






A cheers and very special thanks to our event partner: Intermezzo Coffee and Cocktails. This one-of-a-kind cocktail and coffee bar in the heart of Downtown St. Pete treated the Tampa Bay Elite Squad to a BOGO deal for their iconic cocktails to-go! The Bee’s Knees and The Branca Brew. Intermezzo is currently operating at reduced hours, selling cocktails to go, and offering wine at retail price. The bar recently has begun evening service again. Check them out on Instagram: @IntermezzoCoffee to keep up with their hours and specials.