Five Of Nature’s Swimming Pools

While frolicking to exotic coasts might be out of the question this summer, that shouldn’t stop you from discovering amazing springs, falls, and watering holes that are tear dropped all across North America. Whether you want to float, swim, kayak, or do a big ol’ backflip, there are plenty of natural pools to do so in. Grab your bathing suit and a towel… Swimming is NOT canceled.

It’s easy to beat the heat thanks to Yelpers’ reviews that help set the serene scene so beautifully. They’ve long been filling the community in on how to get to these spectacular spots, what you’ll need to bring, and even what kind of shoes to sport. Time to get yourself up a creek… With a paddle! Keep scrolling for coast to coast gems you can find on Yelp!

Oklahoman John R. considers Buffalo National River “an undiscovered gem in America. My very favorite place in Arkansas. I live three hours away and hike, camp, float here about 8 times a year on average. Get out and see it.”

Buffalo National River in Arkansas, photo by Carla Q.

Florida may have a ton of coastline, but drive inward and there’s water aplenty to splash around in, too! Madison Blue Springs State Park is home to “a beautiful, pristine spring that feeds into the Withlacoochee River.” Mike W. noticed that “the spring is popular both with swimmers and scuba divers doing cave diving.”

Madison Blue Springs State Park in Florida, photo by Mike W. 

Over in Nevada, it’s not The Strip’s ragin’ pool parties that do it for Sonia B, it’s Sand Harbor Beach at Lake Tahoe: “Beautiful place! Pure joy for eyes! The water is crystal clear. The rock formations have fabulous shapes! The surrounding mountains add to the picturesque view. A natural antidepressant.”

Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada, photo by Veronica C.

For a little slip ‘n slide, head to North Carolina for Sliding Rock Falls: “Yes, it’s literally a massive rock you slide down and what better way to spend time in the water? This sliding rock was so much fun… It’s a perfect place to visit for families and even for a date.” – Elite Yelper, Olivia G.

Sliding Rock Falls in North Carolina, photo by Cindy G.

Curt C. deems Jacob’s Well the “Best swimming hole in Texas! This place is a little swimmin’ spot out in the Hill Country. You gotta have reservations made well in advance… For the brave, there’s two levels of rocks you can jump off… For the timid, there’s a bit lower of a place to jump in.”

Jacob’s Well in Texas, photo by Savannah G.

Please make sure to visit state park websites for the most up-to-date information on these spots, as some require reservations, permits, etc. 


For more summer adventures in a state near you, search “swimming hole” on Yelp and don’t forget to share your experience with the Community after visiting!