Yelp Pride Collections

Our Yelp community managers from across North America have put together Pride Collections in which they feature businesses that are LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses and/or businesses that are Open To All.  


City/Metro LGBTQ+ Owned LGBTQ+ Owned & Open To All
Albuquerque x  
Atlanta   x
Atlanta OTP   x
Austin x  
Baltimore   x
Buffalo   x
Charleston x  
Charlotte   x
Chicago (Greater Metro) x  
Cincinnati x  
Cleveland x  
Coastal Virginia   x
Columbus x  
Connecticut   x
Dallas x  
Denver x  
Detroit   x
Fort Lauderdale x  
Honolulu   x
Indianapolis   x
Kansas City   x
Las Vegas x  
Los Angeles x  
Louisville   x
Montreal   x
Nashville x  
New Orleans   x
New York (Greater Metro) x  
North Jersey x  
Oklahoma City x  
Omaha   x
Philadelphia x  
Phoenix   x
Pittsburgh x  
Portland x  
Reno   x
Richmond (VA)   x
Rochester x  
Saint Louis x  
Salt Lake City   x
San Antonio   x
San Francisco    
San Francisco (All Bay Area) x  
San Francisco (East Bay) x  
San Francisco (North Bay) x  
San Francisco (Peninsula) x  
San Francisco (South Bay)   x
San Gabriel Valley   x
Seattle   x
Tampa Bay   x
Toronto x  
Vancouver   x
Washington DC (Greater Metro) x