Tampa Tastes The Blues

Thanks to the Yelp Tampa Bay event for the wine tasting I discovered this incredible blueberry wine!

Veronica B.

At the core, Yelp events exist to connect communities to stellar local businesses. During a time when we cannot gather together in person, it is encouraging to still fulfill the mission. Experiences like Tampa Tastes The Blues, a virtual wine tasting with Keel and Curley Winery, allowed Yelpers to meet a very special business. 

Janice M shares an awesome shot of her tasting set up from home.

Yelpers got to spend time with the President of Keely + Curley Winery, Clay Keel. Clay was joined by Wendy, the vibrant Sales & Marketing Manager, and Expert Wine Maker, Omar. The trio led a tasting of four signature blueberry wines including: Dry, Semi Dry, Gulfcoast and Sweet. With every enchanting sip, the Yelpers found more reason to love Keel + Curley. The tasting felt uniquely personal because of the stories shared by the charismatic team and their live answers to questions.

For more pictures and behind the scenes details of this virtual Yelp Event, check out Yelp Experience: Tampa Tastes The Blues

A special thanks to hosts: Keel + Curley Winery. Bringing this virtual tasting to life gave the Yelp community a way to come together to *CHEERS* and connect over incredible local wine! Keel + Curley Winery is run from Keel + Curley Farm. The farm and restaurant are currently open to the public. Guests can enjoy flights, food, and more from the spacious patio. There is even live music!