How To Make Your Backyard An Oasis During A Summer Of Social Distancing


Summer is a season that most people look forward to every year. Whether it’s the warm temperatures or finding some extra time for rest and relaxation, summer offers a little something for everyone. But with social distancing guidelines still in place throughout most of the world, it may look a little different this year. 

The good news is, “different” can be an opportunity in disguise to welcome new experiences so that you can still make fond memories this summer (from home)! What better way to safely enjoy the season than by transforming your backyard into a dreamy oasis. If you’ll be staying at home more than you have in summers past, then this is the perfect time to give your backyard a makeover. 

Make A Splash
Cool off (or warm up) with a quick dip! Stock tank pools are all the rage and there are lots of businesses that can help get you set up. You can even install an outdoor shower or invest in a hot tub that can make your backyard an even more inviting destination all year long.

Fire It Up
What would summer be without a little grilling? If you enjoy taking the lead on summer feasts tagged with grill lines, stop by your local hardware store and step up your grilling game. Many of these businesses also sell fire pits as well, so if you like the idea of gathering around the fire at night, they can show you the light.

Focus on Fragrance
You’ll want to surround yourself with a beautiful range of scents. Whether you choose to plant fragrant florals like honeysuckle or gardenia or would prefer to opt for a functional garden filled with herbs, gardening can provide some aromatherapy. If you don’t know where to begin, there are plenty of businesses like Fairview Garden Center that offer classes or consultations to help to ensure that your garden gets a green thumbs up. 

Pitch a Tent
Why head into the wilderness when you can embrace the nature of your own backyard. Explore the adventure that is backyard camping by pitching individual tents for a fun evening activity (or outdoor sleepover). You can score sleeping bags, tents and anything else you might need from a local outdoor gear shop (don’t forget the hammock)!

Be(e) at One with Nature
You may not be able to easily go out and make new friends, but you can embrace the birds and the bees within your own backyard. Purchase a birdhouse to welcome new feathered friends, plant pollen and nectar rich plants to attract butterflies and bees, or even take on a new hobby by adding a pond to your garden filled with koi. No matter your preference, there are lots of fun ways that you can enhance your yard’s environment and ecosystem.

Backyard Games
Sporting events might be paused but it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some competitive fun with your family. Whether it’s outdoor badminton, a giant Jenga set, or working with a local landscaper to build out a bocce ball court in your yard, the options are endless of how much fun you can have in the comfort of your backyard.

No matter what you like, you can transform your backyard into a more inviting space to spend your time this summer. Don’t be afraid to embrace your creativity and reinvest in your yard so that it becomes a destination that you look forward to visiting all summer long.