Breakfast from around the world found in North America

We may not be packing our bags and traveling the world this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a taste of how other cultures start their day through food – and what better way than showcasing that through breakfast. From Filipino to Venezuelan cuisine, check out the menu for breakfast in these 20 cities in North America and treat yourself to a mini adventure. All of the businesses on this list conveniently offer delivery and/or takeout as of June 29, 2020.

Latin Fusion

“We love the versatile brunch menu offering several unique, American Latin inspired breakfast/lunch options… Don’t pass on the Chorizo Hash if you’re a hash lover. The sweet plantain and spicy Ecuadorian aji chile salsa with queso fresco takes the hash to the next level.”

Yelper Wanda M

Taiwanese and Chinese

“Amazing, traditional Taiwanese food here. Staff is extremely friendly and hospitable. The breakfast here tastes just like it does in Taiwan! Order the pan fried radish cakes, egg rolls (not the fried ones you’re probably used to in America), scallion pancakes with egg, fried dough, soy milk, and rice balls.”

Yelper Dan L.


“Found this little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant this morning . The food was awesome. I ordered a breakfast burrito and breakfast sandwich. Love their beans – that’s the first thing I look for. You can tell everything was freshly made.”

Yelper Anna A.


“If you want to know what it’s like to have breakfast in Venezuela, without actually going there, then stop in at Doggio’s on Biscayne Blvd in Miami. Breakfast was a fantastic mix of strong Cuban coffee and local favorites. I had Desayuno Carillo, which is pulled pork, beans, avocado, fried plantains, an egg and arepa which is like fried cornbread.”

Yelper Chris P.


“This place has traditional Vietnamese beef breakfast over a hot stone grill and wow, it is worth every dollar.  You get a good serving of tender beef, sizzling eggs, pâté, a nice side salad, and a bánh mì baguette to go with it.”

Yelper Clarence T.


“There were many things that stood out to me on the menu, but I ended up getting the Kimchi Omelette. Holy smokes! It was amazing. The omelette was packed with so much flavor and it made my tastebuds incredibly happy. The exterior was light and the interior was delicious.”

Yelper Trish D.


“The shakshuka at Cafe Olé is one of my favorite breakfasts in the city. It’s a dish of eggs in seasoned stewed tomatoes and it’s served with a side of bread… along with a side of labneh… with some good olive oil and za’atar. I’ve had a lot of shakshuka a lot of places, but I’ve never had better.”

Yelper Nate T.


“Had breakfast here with some family members. Needed some good food while running errands and stumbled upon this gem of a place. The food was amazing and reminded me that what’s breakfast in one country may not be in another. I had a plate of fried pork skin, rice, an arepa with some eggs and sweet plantains. I was a happy waddling duck after all of that deliciousness.”

Yelper Abigail N


“Ok, honestly, I have not had a better pancake! My tastebuds were on fire with how good the lilikoi pancake was. So soft so buttery so delicious. My husband got the ribeye loco moco which was good but if you’re debating between loco moco or pancake…my choice…get both!”

Yelper Jennie G.


“I stopped in for breakfast and got the shrimp steamed dumplings and the shrimp rice roll. They were both amazing! “

Yelper Cady H.


“There’s a lot of traditional American brunch in the area, but Kitchen Story is something totally different. Their Stone Pot breakfast is a delicious spicy mix of eggs, rice and veggies. I spotted a dozen other dishes I’m excited to try on our next visit.”

Yelper Evan W.

Filipino Fusion

“I ordered the Ube waffles and fried chicken. The ice cream was to die for and the chicken was perfectly crispy and seasoned.”

Yelper Nathan L.


“Kudos Buna Ethiopian Restaurant, for the job well done.  Eyob and Helina, your delicious breakfast is to die for, you provide excellent service and are very welcoming.”

Yelper Salem G.


“Tokyo Premium Bakery is one of my favorite spots in Denver to meet up with friends or stop by for a morning breakfast or snack. The owners are two pairs of friendly Japanese couples – the wives work the till and drinks up front while the husbands churn out pastries in the back all day.”

Yelper Colleen L.


“OMG! What a gem of a find! The atmosphere is what you expect of a Irish pub feel, but the food was above expectations. We ordered to split for two the Irish breakfast and cereal covered French toast.”

Yelper Sara B.

Global flavors

“All different flavors, but my goodness brunching here was so so good. The portions here are huge so I definitely suggest grabbing a few friends and sharing everything to get a taste of what they have to offer.”

Yelper Marissa T.


“I can’t say enough good things about this little gem hidden in Glendale. This is one of my favorite places to go all out, my usual order is Lahmajin, breakfast pizza,  falafel tacos which are incredibly good and soujuk cheese turnover.”

Yelper Mike S.


“We were craving some authentic desi breakfast. We were around 10 people so we ordered a bunch of food including the halwa puri, chicken paratha roll, channas, anda paratha, omelette, plain chapatis, parathas, fish, chai and the mango lassi.”

Yelper Taimur A.


“I think this is my new favorite breakfast spot. It’s authentic Turkish Breakfast and all-you-can-drink çay. I’ll definitely be back. Hospitality and taste were impeccable.”

Yelper Julian P.


“Pro tip – you can’t go wrong with their breakfast bowl…their garlic fried rice mixed with runny egg and meat are magical.”

Yelper Alex T.


“How does it get better than Korean food and brunch? I also got to try the Pajun Korean pancake. This is probably my favorite dish. It was so fluffy and topped with a poached egg.”

Yelper Sarah C.