15 Restaurants in North America to Celebrate International Sushi Day

June 18th is International Sushi Day. Sushi lovers everywhere are rejoicing at the excuse to order as much sushi as your heart (and belly) desires.

These 15 restaurants around North America are serving up some of the most unforgettable, mouth wateringly delicious and artistically beautiful sushi dishes.

On the road? We’ve created a collection to have these local spots in your back pocket. Happy sushi exploring!

Akiko’s – San Francisco, CA

Photo by Hiro M.

“Akiko’s Restaurant is a gem in San Francisco. Where most places are small, crowded and loud, Aikiko’s was a nice retreat within the city. Food is fantastic. They have 6-piece nigiri flight and 12-piece sashimi flight. We even ended up ordering a second sashimi flight!” – Tiffany N.

Business note: Currently offering a special 3-course menu for two, and open for pick-up and delivery service. 

Miku – Vancouver, BC

“I can’t imagine giving this well know sushi artistry anything less than 5 stars. Yes, it’s expensive, yes it’s quite fancy, and yes, the food is freaking amazing! The presentation is incredible. And the flavors are out of this world.” – Jess S.

Business note: Offering take-home umami platters, DIY “Aburi at home” kits, and aburi to-go platters. Currently open for dine-in and take-out.

FUSIAN – Columbus, OH

Photo by Jennifer R.

“We go to FUSIAN because it’s unique, healthy, and delicious. I’ve always loved everything I’ve gotten from here, but most recently tried their limited time offering: Luke’s Lobster Roll. A wild-caught lobster rolled up with celery, fennel, citrus mayo, crushed salt and vinegar chips, and literal crack. I don’t know who Luke is or what’s in his “secret seasoning” listed on the menu… I’m addicted.” – Karla F.

Business note: Offering take-home DIY sushi rolling kits. Currently open for delivery (free via the Fusion app).

Tara Japanese Cuisine – Little Neck, NY

Photo by Tara Japanese Cuisine

“This has been my regular sushi spot for the past two years. We feel at home! They really go above and beyond to take care of us each time. The quality of fish is A+, and prices are reasonable. In the past, I was used to traveling to the city for omakase, or even sushi in general. Tara brings you quality seafood without the headaches of the city.” – Jessica L.

Business note: Offering take home omakase kits. Currently open for pick-up and delivery. 

Yasu – Toronto, ON

Photo by Pat K.

“Wow! Yasu did not disappoint and also topped all the other sushi places I’ve had so far. My wife and I sat at the sushi bar and watching the chefs prepare each course was very interesting, you can see how much effort and heart each chef puts into making your meal. We were served many different types of fresh fish from all over the world and everything that was served we were told that they are in season.” – Aaron T.

Business note: Offering premium omakase sushi boxes to go. Currently open for pick up.

Shiro’s – Seattle, WA

Photo by Ada C.

“They’ve got very exotic types of sashimi, coming from Japan and even as far as Spain. My absolute favourite is how they always paint a layer of their secret sauce atop their nigiri before serving it as if a painter is putting finishing touches on their artwork.” – Fiona W.

Business note: Currently open for pick-up.

The Brothers Sushi – Woodland Hills, CA

Photo by The Brothers Sushi

“Literally the best sushi in LA! If you are a true lover of sushi and the best quality fish and ingredients flown in from Japan, then this is the only place for you. This is true Omakase style restaurant and if you have the time and $, I highly suggest getting it and trusting Mark and the rest of the chefs to impress you.  Besides their specialties, their classic dishes are insanely delicious.” – Largo J.

Business note: Offering take home DIY hand roll kits. Currently open for take out and curbside pick-up.

Sushi by Bou – Miami, FL

Photo by Sushi by Bou

“According to our sushi chef Andrew, the fish is brought in fresh each day, prepared in during the day and served in the evening, and you can tell. All of the salmon, sweet red shrimp, toro, tuna, eel, and scallops rolls were very tender and flavorful. The toro and scallop were almost buttery and there was no fishy aftertaste. Just trust your sushi chef at this place and they will provide you with an incredible experience.” – Quinn S.

Business note: Currently open for dine in (at the Versace Mansion), take out and delivery. 

Hinoki Sushi – Reno, NV

Photo by Robert S.

“Exceptional all-you-can-eat sushi for a great price! We started with gyoza and edamame, moved into an assortment of nigiri, to include mackerel and unagi and then tried the ceviche roll and dragon roll. Delicious! Our sushi chef, Fernando, listened to us wax lyrical about a couple salmon dishes we loved getting in Japan and surprised us with his own take on them. An absolute must if you’re in Reno!” – Rebecca I.

Business note: Currently open for dine in and take out.

Hihimanu Sushi – Honolulu, HI

Photo by Yurika N.

“I died and went to heaven. Hihimanu Sushi was 5.5 stars… Top quality fresh fish with Chef Ray’s twist on flavors that will melt in your mouth. Everything in the omakase was mouth watering delicious. Chef Ray added his special touch with his homemade salts and sauces. His presentation of each dish was beautiful and IG worthy.” – Kacy O.

Business note: Currently open for take out.

Chef Kenny’s – Houston, TX

Photo by Kenny C.

“I don’t even know where to begin. Everything that we ordered was incredibly delicious. The texture of every food, especially the shrimp, was mind blowing. Chef Kenny has it down to the science.” – Nancy T.

Business note: Currently open for take out and delivery.

Uroko – Austin, TX

Photo by Nina A.

“Uroko was by far one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten! Every dang piece of nigiri was outstanding. Some of the fish that were featured I hadn’t had before… I can’t stop thinking about our meal. It’s approachable, affordable and a super fun experience.” – Shveta M.

Business note: Offering take home temaki and Omakasé sets. Currently open for take-out and delivery.

Sushi Boss – Indianapolis, IN

Photo by Ian B.

“In the heart of IUPUI is this lovely little gem. Thanks to Yelp, we knew they were providing sushi kits to make your own at home with all the necessary ingredients for your desired roll. The kits themselves have enough to make at least four or five rolls… We had fun making a date night dinner out of it and will definitely be making more of our own in the future.” – Shelby B.

Business note: Offering take home DIY sushi kits. Currently open for take out and delivery.

Ohana Hut – Albuquerque, NM

Photo by Ohana Hut

“Hawaiian Asian Fusion, I’m hooked! Mahalo, Ohana Hut. This was definitely a 5-star experience for me, and unequivocally my new “go-to” sushi joint from this day forward. The rolls are stunning, edible art at it’s finest, and absolutely delicious. I just love this little jewel!” – Jaime C.

Business note: Currently open for take out and delivery.

Sakana – Las Vegas, NV

Photo by Tazeen A.

“Their menu consists of more than 80 items, and you are welcome to other them a-la-carte, but there is an All You Can Eat dinner option for $25.95. There are limits on certain items (like the Uni Sushi), but with so much to choose from, it really doesn’t matter too much. Their nigiri all tasted fresh and delicious, with just a tiny amount of rice on each serving.” – Derek Y.

Business note: Currently open for dine in, take out, and delivery.

Due to changing regulations regarding drinking and dining establishments, we recommend checking directly with the businesses on this list for their current hours and offerings!