Shop local across North America

Get ahead of your special occasion shopping now and support local businesses across the country while remaining safe and healthy at home. Pack your cupboards with future birthday and holiday gifts so that you’re perfectly prepared day-of. Bonus: You will avoid the holiday shopping rush and can enjoy extra time with your loved ones instead––mission accomplished! Warning: You will want all the things. Follow this collection on Yelp to have these locally owned online shops right at your fingertips.

Gifts For All

Apparel, accessories, apothecary, paper goods, activities, hobby, and more:

Frances (Phoenix, AZ) – Shop clothing, accessories, children, and more

Red Giraffe Designs (Columbus, OH) – Shop jewelry and accessories

Peppermint (Rochester, NY) – Shop clothing and gifts

URSA (Milwaukee, WI) – Shop apparel, candles, self care, plants, jewelry, accessories, fragrances, stationary, homegoods, and more

KIM + ONO (San Francisco, CA) – Shop clothing and kimonos

The Latest Scoop (Vancouver, BC) – Shop women’s clothing and accessories, home decor, and more

The Octopus and The Fox (Albuquerque, NM) – Shop apparel, children, accessories and more

Individual Medley (Los Angeles, CA) – Shop apparel, accessories, apothecary, paper goods, and more

I Like You (Minneapolis, MN) – Shop clothing, patches, glassware, and more

Citizen Supply (Atlanta, GA) – Shop apparel, home, body, and more

Cinder & Salt (Middletown, CT) – Shop apparel, accessories, sustainable items, and more

Article& (Brooklyn, NY) – Shop women’s apparel, shoes, accesories, and more

Elise Marie DeSigns (Portland, ME) – Shop jewelry, clothing, home, and more

Taudrey (Coral Gables, FL) – Shop hand stamped gold jewelry

Feliz Modern (San Antonio, TX) – Shop gift boxes, stickers, home, children, and more

Retro Metro (Frederick, MD) – Shop fun and games, kid and baby, pets, and more

City Bird (Detroit, MI) – Shop apparel, accessories, cards, kids, home decor, apothecary, and more

Occasionette (Philadelphia, PA) – Shop cards, holiday, party supplies, gift boxes, and more

Krazy Mary’s (Sacramento, CA) – Shop women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and more

Blue Seven (Oklahoma City, OK) – Shop gift boxes, men’s and women’s apparel, apothecary, and more

Oh Pink! Party Shop (Cleveland, OH) – Shop paper products, party supplies, and more

The Stockist (Salt Lake City, UT) – Shop apparel, shoes, jewelry, and more

Paper Goat Post (Orlando, FL) – Shop paper goods, party supplies, and miscellaneous gifts

Tweak, The Original Giftery (Los Angeles, CA) – Shop kids, books, cards, graduation, and more

Rala (Knoxville, TN) – Shop apparel, jewelry, activities, self care, and more

Girl Tribe Co (Charlotte, NC) – Shop women’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and more

M Lovewell (Santa Ana, CA) – Shop stationery, accessories, planners, art supplies, and more

Redemption (Campbell, CA) – Shop beauty and wellness products, and more

Love Locked (Jersey City, NJ) – Shop apothecary and jewelry

North End Bag (Virginia Beach, VA) – Shop leather goods, bags, and more

Triple Z Threadz (Austin, TX) – Shop clothing, care packages, activities, and more

Black & Denim Apparel Company (Tampa, FL) – Shop apparel, hats, bags, and more

Mori by Art & Flea (Honolulu, HI) – Shop clothing, accessories, stationary, and more


Made in Kansas City Marketplace (Kansas City, MO) – Shop home, food and drink, books, and more

Civil Alchemy (St. Louis, MO) – Shop provisions, apparel, accessories, home, and more

Made in Omaha (Omaha, NE) – Shop food and drink, apothecary, books, wall art, and more

Olives & Grace (Boston, MA) – Shop pantry, gift boxes, paper goods, and more

Salt & Sundry (Washington, DC) – Shop provisions, accessories, candles, home decor, paper goods, and more

Homespun: Modern Handmade (Indianapolis, IN) – Shop food and beverage, home goods, art, apparel, and more

The Shop For All Reasons (Mississauga, ON) – Shop hot sauces, sweets, leather goods, grooming, and more


Pigment (San Diego, CA) – Shop plants, home decor, and more

Maker’s Loft (Oakland, CA) – Shop home decor, and more

Creative Kind (Tucson, AZ) – Shop home decor, greeting cards, accessories, craft kits, and more

Ex-Voto (Montreal, QC) – Shop vases, home decor, and more

The Nest (Reno, NV) – Shop vintage furniture, home decor, apparel, accessories, apothecary, and more

Hot Haute Hot (Pittsburgh, PA) – Shop vintage rugs, home decor, textiles, and more

King Richard’s Antique Center (San Gabriel Valley) – Shop vintage and antique goods

Bering’s (Houston, TX) – Shop home decor, hardware, and more

Glasswing Greenhouse (Seattle, WA) – Shop plants, furniture, candles, bath and more

All photos were contributed by Yelp users and can be found on Yelp.