Celebrating our Healthcare Heroes

Behind the scenes, and on the front lines our healthcare professionals are facing this pandemic head on to keep us safe. We see, and we support those in the medical field for all the work they are doing always, but especially now. As a community during normal times we would come together across the US and Canada supporting local businesses with members of the Yelp Elite Squad. Now, while times may feel anything but normal, we come together to celebrate members of our Yelp Elite Squad who are not only local champions, but also healthcare heroes. Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear scrubs and masks. Thank you.

Vanessa L, RN – Emergency Room | Theresa A, Registered Nurse in Pediatric Critical Care Float Pool at INOVA Fairfax Hospital | Brittany D, Clinical Lab Scientist at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center

The Challenges

We asked members of the Yelp Elite Squad what challenges they have faced during these times. This is what they had to say.

“In my personal life, it has been difficult to not come home and unwind with my family. I’m isolating from them and staying in a camper in my front yard right now, and I miss hugs and the comfort of family to ease the stress of the long shifts at work.” – Cassie V, RN at Lowell General Hospital

“A lot of my patients are very lonely and have been isolated even from each other living in nursing homes they can’t have dinner together. So be able to hear and understand to stay connected has put my job up there in importance for a lot of people.”Nikki R, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Miracle Ear

“The uncertainty of the future. This virus is brutal! It does not discriminate and being that it’s incredibly contagious, working in a Covid positive environment makes this definitely a challenging time.”  – Sarah I, Registered nurse, Milwaukee VA Medical Center

“Making sure that patients and families feel safe seeking the medical care that they need. “Alex D, Pediatric Hand Surgeon – UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“I am currently helping with the overflow COVID-19 adult patients, when my specialty is working primarily in pediatric critical care, so it’s a different approach to taking care of these older patients.”Theresa A, RN, Pediatric Critical Care Float Pool at INOVA Fairfax Hospital

“Treating the patients who cannot see their families has been the most difficult part of this entire experience.”Emily C, Registered Nurse, INOVA Fairfax Hospital

“Balancing the health and care of my patients with my own safety”Kimberly B, Physician Assistant SLUCARE

“This virus does not discriminate. It has also been extremely hard caring for moms who are delivering without a support person”Jessica H, Clinical Nurse, Medstar Washington Hospital


Kimberly B, Physician Assistant SLUCARE | Natalie T,Sr. Respiratory Care Practitioner, LA County Hospital | David CEMT, Acadian Ambulance Texas

The Bright Spots

We asked members of the Yelp Elite Squad what bright spots they have seen. This is what they had to say.

“My family, coworkers, and believe it or not YELP! My family and friends have been very supportive as has the community. Yelp has hosted many virtual events that make me look forward to having a day off and just relaxing.”Vanessa L , RN – Emergency Room

“Whenever a patient smiles.”Tiffanie J , Medical assistant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“The workplace personnel coming together as one”Alan N, Public Health Section Chief

“Being able to see people come together during these hard times has made this a lot easier. Health care workers have gotten so many donations and letters from community members that truly make a hard day more bearable.”Alannah T

Jessica H, Clinical Nurse, Medstar Washington Hospital | Emily CClinical Nurse, Medstar Washington Hospital | Cassie VRegistered Nurse at Lowell General Hospital, Lowell MA

“I remind myself that my coworkers and I make a difference in people’s lives everyday.” – Brittany D, Clinical Lab Scientist at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center

“Seeing the community united together as 1 regardless of our differences is a beautiful thing that I know will help to end COVID-19 sooner rather than later.”David C, EMT, Acadian Ambulance Texas 

“Seeing people pull together. It’s incredible to see the grassroots community efforts and support for each other”Mark S, Orthopedic Surgeon, Synergy Orthopedic Medical Group of San Diego

“I have witnessed some super sick, but incredibly strong individuals recover. That makes it all worth it!” Jennifer J, Respiratory Therapist, Lions Gate Hospital

“Successfully removing patients from the ventilators because they are able to breathe once again on their own.” –  Natalie T, Sr. Respiratory Care Practitioner, LA County Hospita

Thank You

Amidst the challenges are many bright spots, keeping those on the front lines inspired to do inspiring work. To those members of our communities who are healthcare professionals and first responders, thank you. Show your local hero some virtual love today on Yelp.